Celebrity musician David Draiman blasts the mainstream media for not calling a spade a spade when it comes to acts of terror.

As many of you know, I have family in Israel. Family that has resided in our homeland since well before there was an official “State of Israel” (established in 1948). My only brother, Ben, and his new wife, Corrie, live in Jerusalem, as does my grandmother and many other relatives (not in the “contested” side, although the Palestinians contest any Jewish presence whatsoever in our homeland), but in west Jerusalem, well within the borders of the “green line.”

I had the honor and privilege of attending my brother’s wedding, overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem in the middle of the most recent Gaza war.

I have dear friends and family in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya, and in most of the major cities in Israel,

…and I fear for each and every one of them.

The terrorists (and make no mistake, that is EXACTLY what they are, contrary to the distorted picture the mainstream media continues to paint), have succeeded in their primary goal, spreading terror; for I am terrified to think that my brother (who takes the buses to and from Tel Aviv quite frequently), or my sister in law (who takes the light rail to the old city to work every day), or any of my relatives and friends, could possibly be the next victim in a hate-filled, unjustified attack that could cost them their very lives or injure them severely.

They are not soldiers (nor was the 3-month-old girl who was recently murdered by a marauding member of Hamas at a light rail station) and they are not living in contested or so called “occupied” territory. They are just normal people, trying to live normal peaceful lives, who have to constantly be on guard because of the recent slew of cowardly terrorist (yes, “terrorist”) attacks on light rail stations and at a Tel Aviv bus station.

@CNN @AP @reuters @msnbc @BBCWorld @NYTimes, the lot of you. How dare you not call these incidents what they are? How dare you ignore the claims and cheers of Hamas and Fatah alike, and their incitement to commit more cowardly acts of terrorism? These were not unmanned vehicles that attacked, they were filled with Palestinian TERRORISTS, raised on generations of hatred, attacking innocent civilians and off duty soldiers, none engaged in battle, each simply trying to get home.

My family are not “settlers.” They are people who are simply trying to live their lives in peace, in their homeland which they have lived in since before any fictitious “occupation” could ever have been claimed; but there is no peace. There will be no peace for them while the cowardly acts continue to be perpetuated, and not while the mainstream media continues to distort the truth to the public.

They are not expendable, they are my whole world as I’m sure your family is yours.

Try to think of that next time you post your next headlines.

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Article by David Draiman