Minister Bennett called on Israel to toughen its approach to the Arab rioters in Jerusalem and for further building in the capital.

haaretz peace conference

Naftali Bennett. (Photo: Flash90)

Minister of Economy Naftali Bennett (Bayit Yehudi) called for a more stringent stance regarding the wave of terror that is plaguing Jerusalem. He stated that there was no room for flexibility or leniency when confronting the attackers, and called for a change in Israel’s perception of the rioting: any rock or firebomb attack should be treated as a terror attack.

Rock Attacks Equal Terror

“An enemy that murders babies should be treated in kind,” he added. Speaking with the IDF Radio on Thursday. Bennett said: “We must understand that the attack is a direct result of the ceaseless rock-throwing and firebombing against the residents [of Jerusalem], the light rail, and Jewish homes. Over 200 of these incidents occurred over the past months, and they were left without an appropriate response.”

He said that only further building and an iron fist could restore the peace:

“It is accepted thinking that our enemies are motivated by despair – it’s the opposite. It’s the hope to oust us from here [that motivate them]. They think that if they commit another terror attack we will fold and run. What we need to do is to say that we are staying here, we are building in our capital, and I call on the prime minister to provide construction permits.”

Bennett is certain that the key rests with Israel’s conduct: “Without sovereignty, there will be no security. We shouldn’t have waited for a terrorist attack to act with an iron fist, and we have all the means [to do so].”

Bennett further said that Abu Mazen was not a partner in peace: “he is a bitter enemy who incites to the murder of babies. He did not condemn the act, and I assume that the family [of the terrorist] will receive large benefits [from the PA].”

Author: Aryeh Savir
Staff Writer, United with Israel

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