Palestinian terrorists train with a rocket in Gaza. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90) (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)
Hamas rocket Gaza

“Such cowardly acts will only escalate violence, not build the prosperous society the people of Gaza deserve!” Greenblatt tweeted after Hamas’ latest attacks against Israel.

By: United with Israel Staff

President Donald Trump’s special Mideast envoy, Jason Greenblatt, on Monday criticized the Hamas terror group for its latest “cowardly acts” of terrorism against Israel, which he said will “only escalate violence.”

Palestinian terrorists launched a rocket at southern Israel from the Gaza Strip on Sunday night, setting off the siren system in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council and the city of Sderot, sending tens of thousands of residents running for cover.

The rocket fell in an open space, causing no injuries or damage.

In response, Israel Air Force (IAF) fighter jets targeted “underground infrastructure in southern Gaza,” the IDF stated.

“The IDF will continue to act in order to ensure the security of Israel civilians. Hamas is responsible for everything happening in the Gaza Strip, above and below ground,” the IDF stated.

“HAMAS hides improvised explosive device to attack Israeli soldiers & is shooting rockets at Israel again! Such cowardly acts will only escalate violence, not build the prosperous society the people of Gaza deserve!” Greenblatt tweeted.

He was also referring to Saturday’s attack, in which an explosive charge placed by Palestinian terrorists wounded four IDF soldiers on the border with Gaza.

Greenblatt has repeatedly assailed Hamas in recent weeks for its investment in terrorism, at the expense of Gaza residents.

“Imagine what the people of Gaza could do with the $100 million Iran gives Hamas annually that Hamas uses for weapons and tunnels to attack Israel,” Greenblatt tweeted earlier this month.

Greenblatt then criticized Iran, which “spends almost a billion dollars a year sponsoring terrorism in Lebanon, Israel and West Bank/Gaza.”

Last month, he pointed out in a tweet that “a terror tunnel costs roughly $5.9 million to build ($ that belongs to the people of Gaza).”

Gaza needs options besides Hamas and its enablers. Time to stop pouring money into violence and hatred, and to start investing in a real future for Palestinians in Gaza,” he tweeted.

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