FBI poster for terrorist Ahlam Tamimi. (FBI via AP). (FBI via AP)
FBI poster for terrorist Ahlam Tamimi (FBI via AP).

Ahlam Tamimi, who was released early from prison after killing 16 people in the Sbarro restaurant bombing in Jerusalem, is disappointed more Jews weren’t killed.

Official UN documents claim that “terrorism flourishes in environments of despair, humiliation, poverty, [and] political oppression.”

Ahlam Tamimi, however, was born in Al-Zarqa, Jordan, a nation that Israel has never occupied and where Jews are prohibited from owning property. She was fluent in English and traveled abroad, to Israel, to attend university.

Not in despair, not humiliated, not impoverished and not oppressed, she purposely spoke English near Israeli border police to make them think she was a Western tourist in order to get her accomplice, and his suicide bomb, past their inspection point and into a crowded Jerusalem restaurant.

After being released from prison as part of a prisoner exchange, she went on television to describe the blanket approval her actions received from the Palestinian community and her regret that more Jews weren’t killed. The Trump administration has put her on the FBI’s most wanted list and requested her extradition from Jordan.