BTrace is a company located in Israel that has developed a smartphone-based tracking solution. Using a small trackable ID tag, you can keep an eye on anything through your smartphone. 

If you’ve ever gone shopping and lost your child, or if your pet suddenly escaped from the yard, you know how valuable this technology is. The ID tag can be affixed to your child’s clothing, onto the collar of your pet or on any valuable object. The tag is connected to your smartphone using an application that allows you to track exactly where the tag is at all times.

Credit: BTrace

This technology is indicative of the type of innovations that are typically found in Israel. The technology is being developed with the intent of making the world a better, safer and healthier place. There’s a good reason why an Israeli received the highest honor given in the U.S. for technology and innovation. You can view other incredible innovations here: Israel is truly trying to build a new world!

Israel is determined to show its incredible value to the world. Examples like BTrace just go to show how evil and foolish the Boycott Sanction Divest (BDS) anti-Israel movement is.

Do you think Israel gets fair treatment in the media with all the technological advancements that come out of the tiny little country?

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