(Photo: Michal Fattal/Flash90) (Photo: Michal Fattal/Flash90)

To honor the memory of a fallen Israeli soldier, CrossFit Petah Tikva organized a day of intense exercise. The event was filmed and condensed into a short video that captures the spirit of the day.

From filmmaker Yossy Mendelovich:

“Michael Levin was a Lone Soldier, that made ‘Aliya’ from the United States to join the Paratrooper Division of the Israeli Army. In the Summer of 2006, Michael was killed in a conflict with Hezbollah. In Israel 2014, we have decided to organize a Hero’s Training (Hero Workout of the Day) in Michael’s remembrance. The aim of this training is to raise funds for The Lone Soldier Center and to bring one last honor to Michael’s name.”

The video below documents a very intense day of training, which is meant to give participants a reality check.


Credit: Yossy Mendlovich

It’s undeniable — there have been far too many lost soldiers and civilians. The Israeli spirit, however, remains as strong as ever and that strength shines through in this video. Life is so precious in Israel; we cherish it and do everything we can to perpetuate and celebrate it.

We hope that the spirit presented in this video is contagious. The enemies of Israel have risen against us, from Hamas to Iran, from the U.N. to Hezbollah. We must be strong and courageous, standing up for the land we love by sharing United with Israel posts like this one.

To that end, please download our free e-book about the IDF. The pictures will inspire you and hopefully give you the strength to keep fighting. Together, we will see peace in the Land of Israel.

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