Israel is due to open in October a new 40-mile rail line between Haifa and a terminal 5 miles short of the Jordanian border; Over 650 women attended the 7th annual Temech Conference for Israeli Female Entrepreneurs on June 28 in Jerusalem, and much more.

To honor the memory of a fallen soldier, CrossFit Petah Tikva organized a day of intense exercise. The event was filmed and condensed into a short video that captures the spirit of the day.

US Congressional candidate Bruce Blakeman, on a solidarity trip to Israel this week, toured the South and met with lawmakers, government ministers and activists.

What convinces a nice Jewish boy from the San Fernando Valley of southern California to volunteer to fight in an Israeli infantry brigade?

Israel's Garin Tzabar program, which supports 'lone soldiers' who have no family in Israel, recently welcomed close to 360 young women and men from around the world into its care.