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This week Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke to 350 new immigrants (“olim”) from the United States and Canada. The group included over 100 young men and women that will immediately be joining the Israel Defense Forces. Watch the video from Nefesh B’Nefesh’s “Welcome to Israel” ceremony. Will YOU be on the next plane to Israel?

The following excerpts were taken from The Prime Minister’s speech.

“Welcome to Israel. Welcome home…. You come from California, from New Jersey, from Ohio, and from over two dozen states across America. And I understand you also come from Alberta and from Quebec.”

“But the truth is you all come from one place – Israel. This is the land where we all come from. This is the land where our ancestors lived. And this is the place where our identity as a people was forged. And this is the country where the Jewish people are building the Jewish future.”

“…. In previous times, for almost two millennia, the Jews could not defend themselves. This is the great transformation that occurred in our time – that we can regain our destiny and defend our future – and this is a privilege that you have now decided to practice personally, thereby altering your lives and the Jewish future as well…. And I’m proud of you…. The friends of Israel, Jews and non-Jews alike are proud of you.”

Source: pmo.gov.il

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1345161600 | 1345161600 | 1448409500