Alya Alhwaiti (Twitter via Jewish Chronicle) (Twitter via Jewish Chronicle)
Alya Alhwaiti

“Life is nothing but belief and jihad,” tweets the 37-year-old influencer.

By United with Israel Staff

A London-based Saudi ex-patriot with more than 88,000 followers on Twitter has referred to terrorists as “martyrs” and called for Tel Aviv to “burn,” the Jewish Chronicle (JC) reported Thursday.

Alya Abutayah Alhwaiti, the Kingdom’s first female professional jockey and now a prominent critic of the Saudi regime, was the first Saudi woman to ride for her country at an international level, the JC noted. She is regularly quoted in the international media.

Last month, when a terrorist murdered an Italian tourist and wounded others in Tel Aviv, Alhwaiti tweeted, “May Tel Aviv burn,” according to the JC.

“As for the martyr may God have mercy on him, his fragrant end, he rose to the garden of eternity. May God bless you, men of Palestine and its lions,” she added.

Her attacks on her native country include condemnation of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for his alleged connection to the Jews, the JC said.

For example, she claimed the prince had “built … a temple in which he teaches and spreads the Jewish religion… There are still idiots who believe that these rulers are from us or from our kind. [They are] neither Arabs nor Muslims.”

She also claimed, the report continues, that “had it not been for Israel,”  the Saudi dynasty would not have come to power, and she called them “the pimps of the homelands on behalf of the Zionists.”

The 37-year-old Jew-hater has also defended former British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, a known antisemite, and accused French President Emmanuel Macron of ensuring that “everything related to the Jewish heritage and religion is untouched while Islam is attacked.”

The JC questioned Alhwaiti on her comments, to which she replied, “My advice to you to find a better translator…

“What you wrote is not true at all. I have no problem with the Jewish religion or people… the whole world problem with the occupation, four Arabic land called Palestine, it so clear!” [sic]

She then went on to encourage “those who reside in Britain, Europe and the West” not to worry about losing their immigration status “for saying what is righteous about Gaza and to support their just cause #Palestine…

“Life is nothing but belief and jihad.

“Those who have the dream of liberation will not be defeated by the armies of the world and their arsenals.”