The Amalekites, the Islamists, are on the march, encouraged by the West when we refused to respond to their attacks on the Jews. What excuses will our Western leaders make now?

Thousands of Israel supporters lined New York’s Fifth Avenue for the annual Celebrate Israel Parade, followed by a festival at the famous Pier 94 and a concert in Central Park.

Good News Israel Archive from the week of March 8, 2015: Israelis are among the world's healthiest eaters. Read further for more good news from Israel.

Good News Israel Archive from the week of March 1, 2015: Disabled individuals can operate the Israeli-developed Sesame Enable smartphone simply by moving their head. Read further for more good news from Israel.

The Shem Olam Holocaust and Faith Institute announced that a worn-out Hagadah, along with some other Passover items, hidden at the Chelmno Death Camp in Poland has been discovered upon excavations at the site. The Hagadah was evidently badly desecrated by the Nazis, who had burnt it, yet passages related to the search for Hametz and other sections did manage to survive the Nazis persecution, thus demonstrating the endurance of the Jewish faith in the face of those who seek to destroy it.

The term 'Nakba,' originally coined to describe the magnitude of the self-inflicted Arab defeat in the 1948 war, has become a synonym for Palestinian victimhood.

To describe Israel as an apartheid state is mendacity of enormous magnitude, a lie that minimizes the pain and degradation that was Apartheid South Africa.