An Israeli journalist came face-to-face with ISIS terrorists. What he shared was truly horrifying.

Israeli veteran journalist Itai Anghel spent two weeks in the Kurdish-held territories in Iraq and Syria, reporting on the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) terror organization for the Israeli television show Uvdah (Fact).

Anghel, who had met slain U.S. journalist James Foley during his previous trips, ventured into these dangerous territories even though reporters face grave danger if captured by ISIS, and especially Israeli ones.

During his journey he came face-to-face with ISIS terrorists who were captured by the Kurds. They were bound to chairs, most of them blindfolded. He heard from them what they thought about Israel and Jews, and he was horrified by their detailed and proud description of their atrocities.

Speaking on Israel’s TLV1 Radio, Anghel shared his extraordinary experience. He asked them about the executions, and they responded in graphic detail. “One of them said that he deliberately uses a knife, which is not the sharpest knife because he wants the beheading process to take longer and to inflict more pain and more suffering on his victim. And you hear it and you see his face and he’s absolutely cold and technical in the way he’s telling it. It was something beyond any logic…. even with all my experience…, I do not know how to relate.”

‘Israel Deserves to Die’

When asked if the killings made them feel happy or victorious, their chilling responses differed. One said he was apathetic; another expressed glee, “because I was killing infidels.”

Anghel talked about the extensive brainwashing to which the ISIS terrorists had been subjected. After an intensive course in Islamic Sharia law they came out believing that God wants them to kill.

Maria Abi-Habib, reporting for the Wall Street Journal, interviewed child soldiers who escaped ISIS and told of the lessons they received in beheading. Jomah, a 17-year-old Syrian who joined Islamic State last year, sat in a circle of trainees for a lesson in beheading, a course taught to boys as young as eight. Teachers brought in three frightened Syrian soldiers, who were jeered and forced to their knees. A teacher asked for volunteers and said, “Those who behead the infidels will receive gifts from God,” recalled Jomah. Afterward, the teachers ordered the students to pass around the severed heads.

“The enrollment of hundreds of boys in such militant training camps could trouble the Middle East for years to come,” Abi-Habib writes.

One of the prisoners was not blindfolded, and Anghel looked him in the eye and asked him what he would do if he encountered a Zionist. “We have to kill anyone who captures our lands. You did it, so you deserve to die,” he responded plainly.

Israel is one of their targets, but it’s not their main target,” Anghel explained.

By Aryeh Savir,
Staff Writer, United with Israel

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