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Is this the first step towards solid ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia is looking to broaden its oil market and is willing to sell oil to Israel.

Is the Middle East witnessing a shift in its diplomatic dynamics?

Saudi Arabia announced on Tuesday that Riyadh is seeking to increase its oil sales, and would be willing to sell oil to any country that wants to buy it, even Israel, the Kuwaiti news agency KUNA reports.

Potential for Peace in the Middle East?

Speaking at a press conference held as part of an OPEC summit in Vienna on Sunday, the minister said:


“We do not hold a grudge against any nation and our leaders promote peace, religious tolerance and co-existence. His Majesty King Abdullah has always been a model for good relations between Saudi Arabia and other states, and the Jewish state is no exception.”

The report further quoted Al-Naimi as saying that for the most part, the Arab world acknowledges Israel, and nothing is preventing his country from pursuing trade ties with Israel.

There have been persistent reports over the past few years of covert collaborations between Saudi Arabia and Israel on various diplomatic issues and even security related matters, including the Iranian nuclear threat and combating the instability and terror that the Middle East is experiencing.

It’s becoming clear that the main obstacle to establishing peace in the Middle East is Iran, who is intent on destroying Israel.

You Can Fight Back Against Iran!

Increased collaboration between Israel and Saudi Arabia notwithstanding, the discussions between Iran and the West regarding Iran’s nuclear aspirations are at a critical point. Israel fears that the Obama Administration will ease the sanctions on Iran to gain diplomatic points. We MUST ensure that Iran does not become nuclear.

To sign a petition demanding NOT to ease sanctions on Iran at Israel’s expense, click HERE.

Author: United with Israel Staff