Familiies of Israelis held hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza hold up photographs of their abducted family members, at "Hostage Square", outside the Art Museum of Tel Aviv, October 21, 2023. Photo by Tomer Neuberg/Flash90 (Tomer Neuberg/Flash90)
Israeli hostages

Approximately 250 individuals were taken hostage during Hamas’ assault on Israel on October 7, a harrowing event that resulted in immeasurable suffering for countless families.

Despite the enormity of the tragedy and the blatant violation of human rights, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has remained silent, failing to address the plight of these hostages who endured unimaginable horrors, including sexual violence and torture.

Shockingly, none of the hostages received assistance from the Red Cross, further exacerbating their vulnerability and isolation.

hostages families speaking

Families of the victims, undeterred by the ICC’s inaction, have taken matters into their own hands.

Around 100 representatives of the hostages bravely traveled to The Hague, the seat of international justice, to file a formal complaint of “crimes against humanity” against Hamas.

Their courageous endeavor seeks to hold Hamas accountable for its egregious actions and to demand justice for the victims and their families.

With unwavering determination, the families are calling upon the ICC to acknowledge the severity of the situation and to take decisive action against those responsible for these atrocities.

By turning a blind eye to the suffering of the Israeli hostages, the ICC undermines its own credibility and fails in its duty to uphold international law.

It is imperative that we stand in solidarity with the families of the hostages and demand accountability from the ICC.

Send an email to the ICC spokesperson Fadi el Abdallah to demand justice and accountability.

Sample Text:

Subject: Justice for Israeli Hostages Held by Hamas

Dear Mr. Fadi el Abdallah,

I am writing to express my profound concern regarding the Israeli hostages held by Hamas since the October 7 massacre. It is imperative that the ICC takes immediate action to investigate these egregious violations of human rights and hold the perpetrators accountable. The ICC must prioritize this matter and ensure that justice is served for the victims and their families.


Send email to Fadi.El-Abdallah@icc-cpi.int