Google and Apple have made available for download the app “Liyla and the Shadows of War,” which portrays Israeli soldiers as murderers and invites users to put themselves in the shoes of a Palestinian girl in Gaza during Israel’s war against Hamas in the summer of 2014. Demand that it gets removed!

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s minister of public security, strategic affairs and information who has been leading the government’s battle against incitement on social media, demanded that Google Play and Apple App Store immediately remove the app “Liyla and the Shadows of War,” which portrays Israeli soldiers as murderers and provides users with “false and aggressive” content, which could endanger IDF soldiers by encouraging players to kill them.

Since its release in May, the game has been downloaded more than 100,000 times. When the game was first released, Apple told its Palestinian developer that the app would be disqualified as a “game,” due to its political content, and proposed that it be placed in the “news” category. The developer’s response was to lead a social media protest, which caused Apple to relent, omitting all references to the Gaza war.

So far, it appears Erdan has yet to receive a response from Google or Apple.

Protest to Google and Apple for allowing dangerous anti-Semitic content!

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