Protesters in Iran. (SalamPix / Abaca/Sipa USA via AP) (SalamPix / Abaca/Sipa USA via AP)
Iran protest



Iran’s people are fighting for freedom. We must let them know that we are united with them in their heroic struggle.

The Iranian people have taken to the streets in the past week to protest Iran’s dictatorial regime and the repressive financial state in which the Iranian citizens live.

The protests began because of the weak economy, unemployment and a jump in food prices. They have expanded to cities and towns in nearly every province. Hundreds have been arrested, and a prominent judge warned that some could face the death penalty.

At least 21 people are believed to have been killed in the anti-regime protests.

This is the country’s largest wave of anti-government protests since the “Green Revolution” erupted in 2009 following a controversial presidential election.

The protesters are demanding that the regime invest in the country and its economy, and not in its foreign terrorism network and belligerent regional expansionism.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the protesters “brave” and “heroic” for seeking freedom, justice and “the basic liberties that have been denied to them for decades.”

He criticized the Iranian regime’s response to the protests and chided European governments for watching “in silence” as the protests turn violent.

President Donald Trump is also rooting them on, declaring Tuesday it is “time for change” in Iran and praising Iranians for “finally acting against the brutal and corrupt Iranian regime.”

Trump tweeted Saturday that Iranian citizens are “fed up with [the] regime’s corruption & its squandering of the nation’s wealth to fund terrorism abroad.” He told Iran’s government to “respect [its] people’s rights, including [the] right to express themselves. The world is watching!”

We must not be silent in the face of oppression and persecution. We must let the people of Iran know–we stand united with you! We must tell the Islamic regime in Iran–let your people go!

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1. Post a photo of yourself with the hashtag #Istandwithiranspeople and the name of your place of residence on your social media feed.

2. Use the hashtag #Istandwithiranspeople on your social media feed.

We can create a global tidal wave!  

3. Send the Iranian mission to the United Nations a message of protest:

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