A petition is demanding that  USC condemn a professor who equated Zionism with terrorism. We must ensure our voices are heard loud and clear!

An online petition is challenging a University of Southern California (USC) professor for comparing North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il, China’s Mao Zedong, and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia with Israeli Zionists.

During an October lecture in front of 200 students taking an international relations class, Prof. David Kang displayed a PowerPoint presentation with a slide entitled “Who are terrorists?” featuring a list of organizations that included “Israeli Zionists.” The slide did not list any recognized Islamic terror organizations.

Other slides in the presentation offered quotes from Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden indicating that US foreign policy is to blame for terror attacks.

Further slides compared the number of terror-related deaths in the US on and before Sept. 11, 2001, to the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents and lightning.

Jewish students in the audience reported being deeply disturbed and offended by the skewed comparison.

“By creating an equation between ‘Israeli Zionists’ and terrorist groups, Professor Kang has abused his authority – teaching a mandatory class – and has created a hostile environment for pro-Israel and Jewish students at USC,” the petition read.

The university has refused to condemn Kang or take any action on the matter.

The petition calls on USC to speak out against the “bigotry Professor Kang expressed and take concrete steps to ensure that anti-Israel sentiments and other forms of bigotry do not have a home on campus.”

Over 7,900 have signed the petition.

We must join this clear voice of morality and let USC know that such prejudice is intolerable on US campuses!

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