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Map of Israel

The US State Department outsourced its visa application process to an external site. Unfortunately, the site left Israel off its list of countries, listing only “Jerusalem” and “Tel Aviv.” This is outrageous and must be condemned!

The visa site is run by Yatri, “The Official Visa Information and Appointment system for the Embassy of the United States in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem,” as described on the site.

Unfortunately, “Israel” is nowhere to be found on the site.

It is unacceptable that the US State Department, even with its long history of pro-Arab views, would allow Israel to be erased from the official visa application site.

Protest the State Department’s apparent anti-Semitic attitude towards the Jewish State and demand that it correct this blatant omission immediately!

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We Need YOUR Help to Protest to the State Department!

1. Call the office of US Secretary of State John Kerry: 1 (202) 647-9572

2. Call the US Visa Appointment Service site:

From Israel: 

Tel Aviv: 03-905-8062

Jerusalem: 02-374-1221

From the US:

Tel Aviv: 1 (703) 249-4689

Jerusalem: 1 (703) 520-2215

3. Click here to protest on the US State Department’s Facebook page.

4. Write to the US State Department at:

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