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Twitter has granted a terrorist, anti-Semitic Islamist organization access to the global public. We must protest this shameful decision!

In contradiction to its own statement that it is fighting the use of its social media platform by Muslim extremists, Twitter recently granted verification to the official mouthpiece of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egypt-based Islamist organization that has been designated a terrorist organization in its home country since December 2013.

“Verifying the Muslim Brotherhood’s Twitter feed helps further their narrative of civilization-Jihad,” said US Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx).

The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent group of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas. Kyle Shideler, director of the Center for Security Policy’s Threat Information Office, said Twitter’s decision is “deeply concerning.”

We must protest Twitter’s dangerous move and demand its reversal. 

Please contact Twitter and make your voice heard!

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Protest Twitter’s move to give the Muslim Brotherhood a voice on social media!

1. Post a message on Twitter’s feed: @Twitter

2. Call Twitter: 415-222-9670

3. Post a message on Twitter’s Facebook page.


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