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Lana Del Rey cancelled a concert in Israel, choosing to stand with Israel haters. We must let her know how wrong she was! 

Singer Lana Del Rey cancelled her planned performance at an Israeli music festival following weeks of relentless pressure from anti-Israel Palestinian boycott activists.

She was scheduled to perform at the Meteor Festival, a three-day Woodstock-like party at kibbutz Lehavot Habashan in northern Israel. Several other performers cancelled their concerts following Del Ray’s announcement.

Del Rey’s decision was a reversal of statements she made last month in which she defended her performance and said it was not political.

“Music is universal and should be used to bring us together,” she initially wrote in response to call to boycott Israel.

Boy George, who did perform in Israel this year, panned Del Rey for her decision.

“Hmm. Gemini’s like Lana Del Rey don’t normally respond well to being told what to do. We don’t follow. We go forth with the message of love. She was wrong to cancel,” he tweeted.

“Let me know how @LanaDelRey not turning up to play in Israel made a real difference?” he added.

Israeli fans expressed disgust and disappointment with her move. “It’s just a disgrace, she does not deserve any more sympathy,” one fan wrote.

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Senior Israeli lawmaker Yair Lapid dispatched a missive to Del Rey criticizing her decision to cancel the concert.

“You’re sitting in New York after cancelling your performance in Israel because of pressure from Roger Waters and other vocal BDS activists. It’s a shame, because you were lied to. You became another one in a series of people being used by Palestinian terrorist organizations without knowing the facts,” Lapid wrote in a letter.

“The boycott movement spreads an incomprehensible amount of lies to disparage Israel in the world,” Lapid charged. “They are trying to isolate us, to turn Israel into an illegitimate state. They don’t seek peace, and despite what they might have told you, they don’t support a two-state solution.”

“Their aim is the destruction of the State of Israel. The naiveté of people like you amuses them. They are using you to harm Israel but do their best to hide behind the language of peace and love,” he said.

We must tell Del Rey that through her decision, she has joined a long and dubious list of individuals who have throughout history expressed hatred towards Israel and the Jews.

Del Rey must understand that she was wrong to cancel her concert in the Jewish state.  

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