A Palestinian rioter on the Gaza border. (AP/Khalil Hamra) (AP/ Khalil Hamra)
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We must urge the UN to condemn Hamas’ new method of terror – fire kites that destroy many acres of fields – in southern Israel.

In recent weeks, Palestinian terrorists have sent incendiary kites and helium balloons attached to Molotov cocktails over the border into Israeli fields, causing dozens of fires that have destroyed hundreds of acres of wood and farmland and have ruined produce worth millions of shekels.

The use of incendiary balloons and fire kites is growing in popularity among Palestinian saboteurs.

Palestinians in Gaza have been using “fire kites” in recent weeks as part of the larger “March of Return” protests that began on March 30. The violent Friday rallies have been orchestrated by Hamas, which controls Gaza, as part of an effort to “liberate Palestine.” Rioters have burned tires, thrown explosive devices and attempted to damage the security fence in order to infiltrate Israel.

The United Nations, which is entrusted with global peace and security, must condemn this damaging and heinous Palestinian practice, which achieves nothing but destruction.

We must urge UN to condemn Hamas fire terror in southern Israel and act to end it immediately.

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