Pro-Israel activist and media veteran Laurie Cardoza Moore is on a mission to educate fellow Christians about the “anti-Semitic” BDS movement and to show Israelis that they aren’t alone.

By: Atara Beck, Senior Editor, United with Israel

Media veteran Laurie Cardoza Moore is founder and president of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN), a grassroots, non-profit organization that educates Christians about their biblical responsibility to stand with the Jewish People and the State of Israel. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, and reaching viewers in 150 countries around the world, it was launched in 2001 in response to the 9/11 Islamic terror attacks in the US.

Cardoza Moore was in Israel last week working on an upcoming film, which is part of PJTN’s “overall anti-BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel] campaign,” she said in a telephone interview with United with Israel.

The working title of the new documentary is “Victims of Peace: Exposing the Anti-Semitic BDS Movement,” and the goal is to host the premiere in the US at the prestigious National Religious Broadcasters Convention (NRBS) on February 25.

BDS Equals Nazi Anti-Semitism

BDS, she said, “is the same old anti-Semitic rant as in Nazi Germany,” when they boycotted Jewish businesses in the 1930s.

“Whenever there’s an anti-Semitic event,” she explained, “we target it, expose it and educate Christians to get involved and to expose it themselves within their communities and internationally…

“We target a specific audience. Christians who watch Christian media want to be informed, and typically get involved.”

Among its activities, the award-winning PJTN launched a resolution in Tennessee against companies participating in BDS, which was passed in April.

According to Cardoza Moore, 70 percent of Americans clearly support Israel. “They understand what is happening;  9/11 happened on our shores. It is critically important to confront this challenge, or Israel will lose the only sure ally it has,” she stated. “We must educate the next generation of young people, especially Christians, giving them the facts and combating the lies perpetrated.”

Combating False Narrative on Campuses

“What is happening on campuses is a huge threat to the majority of Americans,” she lamented. “We’re losing the next generation to the progressive professors on campus across the US perpetrating this false narrative.”

PJTN therefore strives “to entertain young people and educate them at the same time [in order for them] to see the stupidity” of the “anti-Semitic” BDS groups that are “trying to oppress and suppress through violence.”

“We see the rights of Jewish and Christian Zionist students denied,” she continued. At universities, they should “discuss issues, not perpetrate violent attacks, which is what is happening. It’s unacceptable.”

The anti-BDS documentary is in the style known as “docutainment,” she said. Although a “dark issue,” the film will also include humor and satire.

Christians Fleeing Palestinian Oppression

In Bethlehem, “80 percent of the Christian community has fled, and is still fleeing, because of the Islamic oppression by the Palestinian Authority (PA),” she stressed. “Remember that it is not the Israeli government that oversees the city of Bethlehem; that’s the PA. Christians are fleeing a community where they resided for thousands of years, but which is now controlled by the PA.”

In Nazareth, however, the local Arabs are “prospering. That city is governed by Israel. Why the difference? Because Christian rights are protected in Nazareth and not in Bethlehem”

She brings the example of Father Gabriel Nadaf, based in Nazareth, “who is calling on Christians to serve in the IDF in order to protect Christians in the only place in the Middle East where they’re safe.”

Despite the current wave of Palestinian terror throughout the country, Cardoza Moore said, “I feel completely safe… I have never felt unsafe here. I’m telling Christian groups absolutely not to cancel trips here, because otherwise the terrorists win. That’s the height of BDS.”

Book Flights to Israel and Show Solidarity!

“We must show solidarity,” she asserted. “We’re telling Christians they need to be booking flights. We’re planning to bring another group here in March. We want to show we will not be fearful or intimidated.”

Her message to Israelis and Jews worldwide is that they are not alone, not “even during difficult times. I hope that what we’re doing will be a source of encouragement, knowing that there are people willing to stand with you.”

In addition to the film, PJTN is also running a national campaign to pass State legislation against BDS, which has so far been achieved in four state,s(including Tennessee, with 40 additional states currently in the process.

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