Continuing with his vitriol, Palestinian preacher Al-Mughrabi defended his hate speech and libels against Jews as good advice in order to save their souls. 

Al Aqsa

Al-Aksa Mosque (Nati Shohat/Flash90)

A Palestinian preacher, speaking at Jerusalem’s central mosque, used the most virulent anti-Semitic slander during a lesson he gave after Friday prayers last week. The exposure of his speech by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) generated international controversy, and in response, in a subsequent lesson in the mosque this past Friday, Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi defended and even added to the anti-Semitism he had disseminated.

Al-Mughrabi categorized his hate speech as “advice” to the Jews – “the Children of Israel” – who he was trying to “save” from “Hell,” implying that by exposing to the world that the Jews make Passover Matzah by murdering children, the Jews will improve their behavior. He added that Muslims may give advice to a “Jew or Christian or Buddhist” in order “to save him from the fire of Hell.”

“When we talk about the Children of Israel, we talk about them because we are trying to save them from the punishment they inflict on themselves in the fire of Hell. We give advice in order to save the person we are advising, whoever he may be, whether Jew or Christian or Buddhist, or of any religion. What is our goal? To save him from the fire of Hell. To get him into the Garden of Eden.”

Aware of the criticism over his teachings, he stated that Jews condemn this well-intended “advice” by calling it anti-Semitism. “If you give advice to a Jew, he immediately says: ‘You’re inciting to racism, you’re an antisemite.'”

Not only did the Sheikh refuse to retract his anti-Semitic statements, but he added to them, saying that the Jews symbolize the Devil,” “hate all the nations” and “there is no doubt that we don’t deny that the Children of Israel cause great damage to all people in the world.”

“I remind you, our class is being recorded,” Al-Mughrabi continued. “We do not talk about the Children of Israel because we hate the Children of Israel. Rather the opposite. It is the Children of Israel who hate all the nations, but we [Muslims] don’t hate anyone, praise Allah. It is not in our hearts, we, the nation of Muhammad – He [Allah] did not put hatred of other nations in our hearts.”

The sheikh concluded by saying that given the problematic nature of the Jews, one should actually have sympathy for them. “But at the same time, when you return to the essence of the verses of the Koran, and when you draw closer to Allah, you pity these people, you feel sorry for them.”

Palestinian and Muslim preachers habitually use the Al-Aksa pulpit to promote anti-Semitism and hatred of America and to incite terror.

Using anti-Semitism to promote hatred is common in the PA. Earlier this week, PMW published a clip from a PA TV children’s program that presented Jews as “barbaric monkeys…the most evil among creations.”

By: United with Israel Staff
(With files from PMW)

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