Neo-Nazi graffiti. (Shutterstock) (Shutterstock)
Swastika graffiti


During a vicious assault on a Jewish man in Carson City, an attacker made a Nazi salute and yelled “heil Hitler!”

By Ezra Stone, United with Israel

At the end of last week, an assailant stabbed a Jewish man in Carson City, Nevada, before fleeing the scene.

The attack occurred near a local establishment when the suspect demanded money from the victim, after which he stabbed the victim in the head while “yelling racially charged statements” including “heil Hitler” and “sieg heil,” Carson Now reported.

The attacker also made a Nazi salute.

The incident was seen by two witnesses who gave statements to local police. The Carson City Sheriff’s Office asked the public to assist in locating the suspect, but say they have another person of interest in custody.

One witness “said she heard yelling and when she got to the fence line she could see the victim holding his head and there was blood all over the ground.” She added that at that point the suspect “put his arm up in a Nazi salute multiple times, and said ‘Heil Hitler you piece of s**t’ and then walked away.”

As the suspect left, he laughed to himself and “didn’t seem bothered at all … holding a knife in his hand,” according to the witness, who gave only her fist name, Taylor.

The suspect was identified as a “Hispanic male in a blue shirt, blue jeans, and a black backpack,” Carson Now reported.



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