The past week has been a difficult one for Israel’s resident of the south. Nearly 100 rockets descended on Israel hitting the cities of Sderot, Ashkelon and surrounding towns. Residents of communities near Gaza were requested to remain within 15 seconds from a protected area. This onslaught of rocket fire follows the launching of three long-range rockets on Beersheva at the beginning of the week, which landed in the outskirts of the city, as well as two rockets hitting an open field in the Eshkol Regional Council about two hours prior.

Ben-Gurion University students complained that the rockets fired yesterday disrupted their sleep.   Noga Gal, who is studying for a masters in chemistry, asserted that she was forced to wake up and go to a safe room, while Gil Chona, another BGU student, claimed that he was also awoken by the rocket fire, but due to the early hour that the rocket was launched, chose to stay in bed rather than go to a safe room.

Asaf Levin, who also studies chemistry at Ben-Gurion University, believes that Hamas strategically chooses to fire rockets during hours of the day when Southern Israel residents are asleep, because many people prefer to not leave their beds despite the sirens, thus increasing the probability that there will be causalities.

Elementary, middle and high schools in Beersheva were canceled, although Ben-Gurion University remained open. The Jerusalem Post reported that Be’ersheva Mayor Rubik Danilovich asserted that in recent years Palestinian rockets had hit four schools and kindergartens within the Beersheva Municipality and causalities did not ensue merely because school had been canceled, adding “If there are missiles, there will not be school.”


This recent escalation demonstrates that it is impossible to reach lasting cease-fires with terrorist organizations.   An Egyptian brokered cease-fire between Hamas and Israel was reached last week, only to be broken within several hours by Gaza-based terrorists firing a mortar shell at Eshkol.   That cease-fire was negotiated after Palestinian terrorists had fired more than 80 rockets and mortars at civilian areas within Israel during a twenty-four hour period, resulting in three foreign workers and one Israeli citizen being wounded, five homes being hit, and schools near the Gaza vicinity being closed.

Please watch this video below
, which demonstrates the evil of Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in Gaza, who wantonly attack civilian areas within Southern Israel. It shows the ordeal that residents of southern Israel often go through, as their sleep is interrupted by rocket attacks.


Ortal Shmueli, who grew up in Be’ersheva and currently is the head of the Likud Chapter at Ben-Gurion University, stated in response to the recent rocket attacks on her city, “I felt very afraid, as well as my dog, when the alarm goes on. I trust the government to do the right thing in response.” In order to deter further rocket attacks upon Israeli civilians, Israel targeted terrorist infrastructure within Gaza.

Reported by Rachel Avraham