The bereaved families come together. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90) The bereaved families come together. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90)

Not a dry eye remained during the heartfelt meeting between the five families whose loved ones were cut down by terrorists in the recent synagogue massacre. The bond of blood will live on.

The synagogue in Jerusalem where two Arab terrorists murdered five Israelis earlier this month was the site of a tearful meeting on Thursday between the five families whose loved ones were murdered.

The family of slain Druze police officer Zidan Saif came to the site of the attack in which he lost his life in a gun battle with the terrorists. Saif’s father, Sheikh Nuhad Saif, and his family received a tour of the building, and heard the stories of the victims’ families and of the survivors who were present at the attack.

Bravery in the face of terror

One of the paramedics who arrived on site with Saif told his weeping mother of her son’s bravery: “We were lucky he had arrived here. His bravery was outstanding. If he would not have arrived the terrorists would have moved upstairs to a larger room with more worshipers. There is no way knowing how that would have ended.”

“The entire community is very sorry for your loss, may you know no more sorrow,” he comforted Saif’s mother.

Sheikh Nuhad Seif is greeted by the congregants at the Jerusalem synagogue. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Sheikh Nuhad Saif greets synagogue congregants. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

After hearing the story of his son’s death, Saif’s father responded by saying: “It’s hard, we can’t do anything, that’s our fate. We can just hope that Israel will only experience happy occasions and not sorrow.”

Of the terrorists he said, “They have no God. In a holy place like this, they come in. These are people with no values, these are not good people.”

As Saif walked through the halls he was stopped and thanked by the many people present at the synagogue.

The families inaugurated together an ambulance donated in the memory of the five victims.

A unique bond

After the tour, the five families came together. The meeting was held on the request of the Saif family. They said they wished to meet the people who Saif died defending.

Saif’s uncle began by reciting a Druze prayer in the Synagogue. He then explained that a rabbi permitted him to recite the prayer, stressing the special bond between the Jewish nation and the Druze.

“I hope we come to Jerusalem only for happy occasions. Everyone should pray in his house of worship in peace,” he said.

‘He gave his life so that others could live’

One of Shmuel Goldstein’s children presented Saif’s widow with a drawing he made. Goldstein was critically wounded in the attack. Goldstein’s brother-in-law read from a letter in which Goldstein described how Saif saved them:

“The police officer really saved my life. Judaism teaches us that he who saves a life it’s as if he has saved an entire world. The dedicated officer has saved tens, possibly hundreds [of lives]. He gave his life so that others could live. The best condolence I can offer is that you should know that the officer is living a happy life in the World to Come in the merit of the deed he did. We will never forget what he has done for us.”

Rinal Saif reads a letter she wrote. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Rinal Saif reads a letter she wrote. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Rinal, Saif’s widow, addressed the gathering while in tears. Of her husband she said: “Our time together was short, and would have wished for much more. We had an indescribable love.”

I am so angry at the fate that cut our love short. You were a hero in my eyes, and you will always be a hero.” She then turned to the widows of the terror victims and said: “There are no words that can console or lighten the burden, I feel your pain.”

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Author: United with Israel Staff