New York police in Flatbush, Brooklyn. (illustrative) (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews) AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

The young man was leaving his school when he was viciously attacked by a bandana-clad assailant, a Jewish news site in New York reported.

By United with Israel Staff

On Wednesday, a 20-year-old special needs student at Brooklyn’s Hebrew Academy for Special Children (HASC) found himself on the receiving end of a brutal, unprovoked attack on the street.

The victim stepped out of his school when a white male wearing a bandana over his face began punching him repeatedly before smashing a rock onto his head, the Yeshiva World website reported.

The attack occurred on Webster Avenue in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, which is home to a large Orthodox Jewish community, in addition to a wide range of other ethnic and religious groups.

First responders took the victim, whom Yeshiva World did not name, to Maimonides Hospital, where he received treatment.

Following the incident, a neighborhood security organization called Shomrim joined the New York Police Department in searching for the suspect,

Shomrim reportedly combed through security footage from the area.

According to Yeshiva World, the NYPD is investigating the attack.



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