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‘Fauda’ star Tsahi Halevi goes from Israeli drama to comedy in Israel’s ‘Mossad’ movie.

By United With Israel Staff

Israeli director, screenwriter, composer and producer of short comedies and shows for children, Alon Gur Arye has many accomplishments under his belt. Now, he is adding one more, the production of his first feature film.

“Mossad” is a comedy that spoofs Israel’s respected national intelligence agency, responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations and counter-terrorism.

Gur Arye was inspired by American CIA parody movies such as “Airplane” and “Naked Gun,” The Jerusalem Post reports.

“Everyone in Israel wants to do dramas. So I wanted to do spoofs, parodies. And I wanted to spoof something very Israeli,” the Post quotes Gur Aryeh as saying.

The movie unites the Mossad with the CIA to save the world from the “Really Bad Guys” terrorist organization. If the retiring Mossad director fails in this mission, he will not be permitted to light a torch at Israel’s Independence Day ceremony, something most of the country watches and respects.

The action-packed comedy stars Tsahi Halevi, known for his role as an Israeli Shin Bet (internal security service) agent in the hit Neflix show “Fauda.”

The contrast in parts is striking and intentional. David Zucker, director of the “Naked Gun” franchise, who mentored Gur Arye on this project, wanted to do a “comedy without comedians,” and thought Halevi was a great choice also because of his good looks, according to the Post.

Award-winning Israeli director Avi Nesher was recruited to assist in the success of the film, the article said.

Many of the movie scenes are filmed in Jerusalem, including at the city’s entrance by the Chords Bridge and around the menorah in front of the Knesset.

Nearly every country has movies that poke fun of its country’s intelligence organizations. Israel has now joined those ranks.

The movie opened in Israel June 27.