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Technion scientists make discoveries on AIDS virus by researching feline equivalent; Neurosurgeons at Schneider children’s hospital saved 2 children; ALYN Hospital develops personalized solutions for children with special needs, and much more. 

By Michael Ordman


Cats (no, not Katz!) can help fight AIDS virus

Scientists at Israel’s Technion Institute are learning more about the human AIDS virus from discoveries made researching the feline equivalent (FIV). They have uncovered a protein that is resistant to treatment. Breaking this resistance will help fight human AIDS.


Neurosurgery saves two children

It was a busy week at Israel’s Schneider children’s hospital. First 10-year-old Ilai had emergency minimally invasive surgery to remove a large colloid cyst in his brain. Then doctors performed a 13-hour operation to remove a huge brain tumor from 13-year-old Maxim. Both are now home.



Tailored rehabilitation solutions

Innovators at Pele, a tech-innovation program at the Jerusalem-based ALYN Hospital, develop personalized solutions for children with special needs. For 8-year-old Arab boy Yusuf, who cannot bend his joints, it is a structure that allows him to feed himself.



Cells go into a huddle before fighting infection

Weizmann scientists have discovered that cells in the immune system cluster together to decide tactics, before being sent out to battle infections. These “helper T-cells” resemble American football and basketball teams that frequently go into a huddle during their games.


More accurate radiotherapy

Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center is the first hospital in the Middle East to install the state-of-the-art Spine SRS software from Germany’s Brainlab. It allows doctors to give a single dose of higher level radiation to patients suffering from spine cancer without damaging nearby healthy tissue.


Rambam trauma training

22 participants from 16 nations attended the 19th “Developing and Organizing a Trauma System” and Mass Casualty Management Course at Haifa’s Rambam Health Care Campus. To date the center has trained more than 3,000 health care professionals and officials from 61 nations.


Your medical questions answered

Israel’s Medint Medical Intelligence collects and analyzes information from medical websites, social platforms, blogs, and forums to help patients with cancer and chronic illnesses make informed medical decisions. E.g. find doctors treating similar conditions, or relevant clinical trials.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3740705,00.html   https://www.medint.io/

Ex-NYC Mayor and terror victim reunited

In 2002, 13-year-old Dvir Musai was hit by a terrorist’s mine. At Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital he was visited by then NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Now employed at Hadassah Herzstein Heritage Center, father-of-two, Dvir received another visit from Mr Giuliani.


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