Denmark’s parliament announced a new medal of civil valor that will honor Israeli security guard Dan Uzan, who was killed last year while protecting the Great Synagogue of Copenhagen during a terrorist attack that took place during a bat mitzvah ceremony.

The medal is for “citizens who demonstrated unusual courage, while risking their lives in an attempt to save the lives of others, and those who lost their lives during this attempt,” and “refers to incidents related to terrorism, crime, and attacks on the open and democratic society of Denmark and the right to freedom,” the Danish Parliament said in a statement.

Uzan, who was a volunteer security guard at the synagogue, was shot and killed by the terrorist, Omar El-Hussein, but still prevented a massacre during the bat mitzvah. Film director Finn Nørgaard, who used his body to block the same terrorist from entering the Krudttønden Cultural Center hours earlier, will also receive the new Danish medal.