One of the focal points of the holiday of Sukkot is the four species which Jews shake in all directions to demonstrate that all crops come from God.

Jews living in Arab countries thought they would not be able to fulfill this tradition. Since these countries do not have diplomatic relationships with Israel, there is no way to import the four species to them. They also thought they would not be able to drink wine as part of the holiday festivities, since wine is outlawed in Muslim countries.

Thanks to a Druze Member of Knesset, Jews living in these countries had wine and the four species for this Sukkot holiday. Israel National News reported that MK Ayoob Kara (Likud) has contact with people in Arab countries; Jews in these countries managed to get a message to him that they were in need of these items .

The MK contacted a rabbi who brought all these items to a secret meeting with a Jewish emissary from Arab countries. The emissary carried the items for hundreds of miles to a number of Arab countries to deliver the products.

Reported by DOV LIPMAN for United with Israel (October 2012).

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