After an Israeli terror victim who was stabbed 13 times with a machete by a Palestinian terrorist shared her ordeal with Dutch MPs, the politicians agreed the time has come to cut PA funding.

By: United with Israel Staff

On Wednesday, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) Director Itamar Marcus and terror attack survivor Kay Wilson spoke before members of the Dutch Parliament.

The primary message that Marcus and Wilson delivered in the Netherlands is that the Palestinian Authority is the primary impediment to peace in the Arabs’ decades-old conflict with the Jewish state.

Marcus documented the PA’s virulent anti-Semitism, its educational system designed to brainwash children to hate Israel, and its systemic promotion of terror, including its official policy of providing stipends to terrorists and the families of those killed committing terror crimes.

Wilson’s appeal was far more personal, since she is the victim of a horrific attack in which the British-born Israeli tour guide was gagged, bound, and stabbed 13 times with a machete. Her Palestinian attacker left her for dead, but only after he stabbed to death her Christian friend, Kristine Luken.

“I watched in horror as a Palestinian terrorist butchered my Christian friend to death right in front of me only because he thought she was a Jew. A second Palestinian terrorist stabbed me 13 times with his machete, snapping my ribs and shattered more than thirty bones. The PA’s rewarding of those two killers and all the other thousands of terrorists in prison is both morally abhorrent and incomprehensible,” Wilson explained, as reported by PMW.

In response, MP Joël Voordewind commented, “I was very impressed with the story of Kay Wilson, that she survived 13 stabbings in her body. This makes Itamar Marcus’ appeal even stronger, that the [PA’s] paying of convicted terrorists should stop, and we’ll put this forward in our Parliament again.”

Voordewind added, “Hopefully the other parties will agree to cut the budget from the PA, by the amount they’re spending on the terrorists.”

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