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“The launch of an EIT hub in Tel Aviv is yet another indication that European-Israeli cooperation in innovation is on the rise,” said the European Union’s Ambassador to Israel at the grand opening of the innovation center.

By United with Israel Staff

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) launched a new innovation hub in Tel Aviv this month. Its purpose is to build bridges and share ideas and know-how between European and Israeli innovators and entrepreneurs in order to make a greater global impact. People involved with business, education and research organizations will develop partnerships that strengthen EIT’s activities.

Over 200 Israeli and European stakeholders took part in the opening ceremony, according to an official statement. Attendees included Emanuele Giaufret (EU Ambassador to Israel), Nili Shalev (Israel-Europe Research & Innovation Directorate Managing Director), Rolf Nagel (Member of the EIT Governing Board) and innovators from business, higher education and research.

“The launch of an EIT hub in Tel Aviv is yet another indication that European-Israeli cooperation in innovation is on the rise,” Giaufret said at the event. “This, on top of successful Israeli participation in the EU’s Horizon 2020 program, and the opportunities provided to SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises or businesses], Europe and Israel keep moving closer to each other in innovation and research to the benefit of our citizens.”

The new hub strengthens the partnership between Israel and Europe that has developed over the years. This union “has strengthened Israeli academic and industrial excellence, led to investment in research infrastructure and enabled long-term, innovative research,” according to the statement.

The EIT community was founded in 2008. It is Europe’s largest innovation network with more than 1,500 partners and 50 innovation hubs across Europe.

Noting that Israel has been associated with the European Framework Programs that fund research, technological development and innovations, for over 23 years, Shalev said, “Launching the EIT hub in startup nation marks a significant milestone and a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the research and innovation communities in Europe and in Israel in a wide range of technological fields.”

Programs include “Connect & Experience,” which focuses on startup development training, and “Disrupt Me,” which connects European and Israeli companies.

“The meeting of the EIT as Europe’s largest innovation community with Israel’s vibrant ecosystem is a perfect match,” Kern explained. “The EIT hub will be a bridge to bring the two together and power entrepreneurs to find solutions to pressing global challenges. Joint activities will include the scaling-up of innovative ventures and entrepreneurial training across Europe and Israel. The EIT helps entrepreneurs to succeed faster.”

By integrating business, education and research, the EIT Community has tackled such global challenges as health and food, climate change and urban mobility.

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