Kay Wilson, after surviving Palestinian stabbing attack in a forest near Jerusalem. (Uri Lenz/ FLASH90) Uri Lenz/ FLASH90
Kay Wilson

“They cannot block the voice of someone who’s been through what I have been through,” Kay Wilson told United with Israel.

By Tsivya Fox-Dobuler

After surviving a brutal machete attack a decade ago, Kay Wilson took on a new foe this week, battling Twitter censors who tried to stop her from speaking out against Palestinian terror.

Twitter tried to silenced Wilson around 2 a.m. Tuesday after she thanked UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in advance for his plan to stop funding the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) Martyrs Fund, which pays terrorists who kill and maim innocent civilians, like Wilson.

The post that caught Twitter’s attention included a photo of Wilson’s life-threatening injuries after a Palestinian terrorist hacked her with a machete in an attack that claimed the life of Wilson’s friend, Kristine Luken.

The incident occurred on December 18, 2010, when Wilson, a British-born Jewish-Israeli tour guide, author, jazz musician, and cartoonist, went hiking on the Israel Trail with Luken. Two Palestinian terrorists viciously attacked them, stabbing Wilson 13 times and murdering Luken.

In the post that Twitter censored, Wilson explained that the terrorists who injured her and killed her friend “receive a Palestinian Authority salary, $3000 a month, taken from UK @DFID foreign aid,” a reference to UK’s Department for International Development, which is responsible for administering overseas aid.

Twitter inexplicably deemed the post “gratuitous gore that can be harmful, especially if the content is posted with intent to delight in cruelty or for sadistic pleasure.”

“Posting this photo was certainly not gratuitous,” Wilson told United With Israel (UWI). “It’s rather ironic that photos of my injuries would hurt someone else. They certainly hurt me more than anyone else.”

After the attack, with enormous determination, Wilson miraculously stumbled to a road, barefoot, bleeding, with broken bones, a punctured lung, gagged, and with bound hands. A passerby found Wilson, after which doctors at Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem saved her life.

Teaching Others to Fight Palestinian Terror

Since her recovery, Wilson has become a strong voice educating others and fighting against the PA’s support of terrorists and their families.

“I try to stop funding from Western governments, especially the UK, from giving millions of dollars to the PA that, in turn, pays terrorists,” Wilson told UWI. “This encourages terrorism.”

Wilson, who now serves as Liaison to Palestinians for Palestinian Media Watch, has many Palestinian friends.

Some of these friends have complained to her about how President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas steals the money earmarked for hospitals and parks to pay terrorists.

“Western governments and those who are anti-Israel don’t want to hear this,” she said. “Even if they don’t want to support Israel, they should stop funding of the PA until the money is used for its purpose, to help decent Palestinians. The average Palestinian is outraged by pay-for-slay funding.”

Wilson continued, “My Palestinian friends are angry at their own leadership for this. But they are scared to speak out. If they show any sentiments towards normalcy with Israel, Abbas’ authorities would torture them, bully them, put them in jail or worse.”

Wilson made clear that she is “not liberal or naive nor wears rose-colored glasses” when it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict. “I have the scars on my back to testify to their hatred,” she said.

“But I do believe that we need to get hold of the decent people in the Arab world and make a collective effort towards peace. It isn’t true that none of them want peace. My friends say they prefer being under Israeli sovereignty but they are afraid to speak out.”

Wilson’s Twitter account was reinstated about 10 hours after it was shut down. She believes news reports, including one from Israellycool, which broke the story, helped re-open her account.

“Twitter still gives a platform to PLO supporters and Iranian dictators, but [is] quick to block someone like myself,” she told UWI. “I am not vindictive. But, I have a voice and an opinion. I don’t lash out unkindly about anyone. What happened here is fact and the PA are paying the terrorists who did this to me.”

She said, “The Talmud says, ‘Whoever is kind to the cruel will end up being cruel to the kind.’ We must speak up. The voice of someone like me, who has been through a brutal terror attack, cannot be silenced.”