PA head Abbas. (STR/Flash90) PA head Mahmoud Abbas, chair of Fatah. (STR/Flash90)
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas

In contrast to its perceived image as a moderate and realistic peace partner, the Palestinian Authority actually celebrates violence, referring to terrorists as heroes and role models.

Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction, earlier in March, celebrated the anniversary of the Coastal Road massacre, the most devastating terror attack against Israel.

On March 11, Fatah posted on its official Facebook page a photo of the destroyed bus in which terrorist Dalal Mughrabi and other terrorists killed 38 civilians, including 13 children, and wounded more than 70 in 1978, calling the perpetrators “heroes,” Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reports.

On the same page, Fatah told Israelis: “Collect your body parts and leave!”

In another post glorifying the attack, also exposed by PMW, Fatah exaggerates the number of Israelis murdered as “exceeding 80 casualties” in order to make the attack seem even more deadly.

“On this day, March 11, in 1978, Dalal Mughrabi and her companions declared the birth of the Palestinian Republic in the heart of the occupied territories (i.e. Israel). The enemy admitted the death of 30 Zionists in the operation, yet according to the reports the number exceeded 80 casualties,” Fatah stated on its official Facebook page.

Most Lethal Terrorist – A Role Model for PA

The Palestinian Authority and Fatah have made female terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, who led the most deadly terror attack in Israel’s history, a role model for Palestinians.

Schools, summer camps and sports tournaments are named after her, as PMW has documented.

The 1978 terror attack was celebrated by a Fatah spokesman in 2008 as “the most glorified sacrifice action in the history of the Palestinian-Israeli struggle.”

Palestinian newspapers frequently glorify Mughrabi, such as the Al-Ayyam article in 2009, which says that Mughrabi has written “the most glorious page of heroism in the history of the Palestinian struggle.”

The PA celebrated the 31st anniversary of the killings with an hour-long TV special, which opened with the narrator glorifying the attack.

Sabri Saidam, deputy secretary of the Fatah Revolutionary Council and an advisor to Abbas, said on the day of the naming of a square in her name in 2011: “Every one of us has tried in his own way to express his pride in this Martyr.”

In January of this year, Fatah declared on its Facebook page: “‘Tell my merciful mother, my father and my sisters to wipe away their tears of sorrow, for I am now the daughter of the land.’ Revolution until victory – Dalal Mughrabi on March 9, 1978. The most beautiful picture of Dalal, as she is watering the soil of Palestine with her blood.”

By: United with Israel Staff
(With files from PMW)

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PA head Abbas and Hamas leader Haniyeh together.

PA head Abbas and Hamas leader Haniyeh together.

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