Married couple running for Israel; Brain profiler to go into space; The largest Israeli Nasdaq launch; and much more!

by: Michael Ordman


Successful trials of TB diagnosis patch

Six years ago (see here previously) Technion scientists began developing a sensing plaster to detect tuberculosis biomarkers on the skin. Now, trials of the A-Patch, in India and South Africa, have shown high effectiveness. TB affects around one-third of the world’s population.


GPS therapy for inflammatory diseases

Professor Dan Peer of Tel Aviv University (see here previously) has extended the effectiveness of his nanoparticle therapies. He has taken the RNA technology used in coronavirus vaccines to target only the specific T-cells and genes responsible for inflammatory diseases.


The world’s smartest hospitals

Newsweek’s “The World’s Best Smart Hospitals” ranked Sheba (Tel Hashomer) at 13, Sourasky (Ichilov) at 84, Hadassah Ein Kerem, Jerusalem at 196 and Rabin (Beilinson) at 215. The criteria was robotic surgery, digital imaging, AI, telemedicine, and electronic medicine.

Personalized AI medication platform

Israel’s MDI Health Technologies (see here previously) has launched its end-to-end AI platform for personalized medication. Trials at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital showed that the platform presented up to 40% more life-saving patient insights than the clinical pharmacists had identified.,7340,L-3911335,00.html

AI powered ultrasonic heart imaging

Israel’s DiA Imaging is partnering with Canada’s Circle Cardiovascular Imaging (CCI). DiA’s AI Ultrasound imaging analysis systems will be integrated into CCI’s cardiovascular imaging equipment.

Nine tests using home telemedicine device

The N9 portable home device from Israel’s Nonagon (previously MyHomeDoc reported here) now includes a stethoscope (lung, heart, etc. sounds); otoscope (ears); oximeter (pulse and oxygen) and thermometer. It also uses a patient’s smartphone camera (throat & skin tests).

Rapid diagnosis of blood cancer

Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek hospital is piloting the diagnosis of blood cancer using cutting-edge AI technology from Israel’s Sight Diagnostics (see here previously). Data and images from Sight’s OLO device, plus patient data can identify malignant lymphocytes and spot early hematological cancer.

Go with the gut

A great summary of the work that Weizmann scientists have been conducting on the microbiome (bacteria in the gut) that led to the founding of startup DayTwo. Diabetics can now have their gut microbiome analyzed and receive a personalized nutrition plan. (2016 video still relevant – 3 million views)

Brain profiler to go into space

Israel’s Montfort (see here previously) has launched a new version of its smartphone app, called “Brain Profiler” to diagnose psychosis, depression and anxiety. It will be sent to the International Space Station in 2022 to test and monitor Israel’s Eytan Stibbe and his fellow astronauts.

150 new ambucycles

United Hatzalah held a dedication ceremony for its new Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Ambucycle Unit. Dr Miriam donated 150 ambucycles (motorcycle ambulances), in the memory of Sheldon, to join the 1,000 existing vehicles used in their emergency paramedic work.


18 years of donating food to the needy

Israeli food rescue organization Leket celebrates 18 years of taking food that would only go to waste and distributing it to those who need it. 18 years is represented by the letters Chai in Hebrew which means “Life”. Leket gives life to the poor of Israel.

Summer camp for everyone

Camp Shalva offers eight weeks of life-changing experiences to over 300 children with disabilities every summer. They experience water sports, concerts, rollercoasters, and more. It also allows their families to receive invaluable respite.

Female doctor and paratrooper

Dr. Nofit Shmuel is only the second woman to serve as a combat doctor in the IDF and the first in the Paratroopers division. There’s no such thing as ‘limits,'” she says. “Limits are only in your head, and if you get rid of them there, you’ll continue to move ahead without anything stopping you.”

Israel welcomes HMS Richmond

UK Royal Navy Frigate HMS Richmond has docked at Israel’s Haifa port. The brand-new ship is part of the fleet that the Royal Navy considers central to frontline operations, including disrupting the work of criminals, such as smugglers, pirates and traffickers.

Hi-tech and emotional support

The IDF’s Intelligence Division’s Unit 9900 has built a 3D model to map the building that collapsed in Miami to help locate victims. Tunneling experts from Israel’s SmartAID have also arrived. Meanwhile, Israel’s United Hatzalah is providing trauma support to families of those missing.


The world’s thinnest technology

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have engineered the thinnest piece of technology – layers of Boron and Nitrogen just two atoms thick. Electricity causes the layers to slide and can be used to control advanced electronic devices.

Israel’s practical use of AR

This article focuses on some of the 50 Israeli startups that have been developing practical uses for AR – Augmented Reality. Applications include repairing a patient’s eye socket (see here); personal shopping (Mixed Place – see here) and Lumus (see here) who manufacture the AR glasses themselves.

Protect your pacemaker from hackers

Israel’s CyberMDX (see here previously) has finished its 18-month project to protect the systems at Michigan Medicine. It is now being deployed at the 26 hospitals of Michigan’s MetroHealth. CyberMDX now protects millions of medical devices and IoT devices around the world.

Hadera residents get deliveries by drone

Israel National Drone Network Initiative has entered its second phase (see here previously). Unmanned aircraft will fly across the skies of Hadera, delivering goods to the city’s residents. The project’s aim is eventually to relieve road congestion and deliver urgent supplies quickly.

A living port in Spain

A consortium including Israel’s ECOncrete (see here previously) has won European funding for a large-scale “Living Ports” project at the Port of Vigo, Galicia, Spain. ECOncrete will build a sea wall, support for the observation deck, and units for coastal stabilization and habitat creation.

Using defense tech for medical solutions

Israel’s Soroka Medical Center and Israel Aerospace Industries subsidiary Elta have set up a joint innovation center to take defense technologies and convert them into new medical technologies. During the coronavirus pandemic, IAI built ventilators and patient monitors.

Cars that learn

Israel’s AutoBrains (formerly Cartica) is partnering vehicle products maker Continental to bring its “unsupervised learning” technology to market. AutoBrains develops Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that process signals from the car’s environment and learn in a similar way to human drivers.,7340,L-3911405,00.html


New economic pact with UAE

Israel and the UAE have signed an Agreement on Economic and Trade Cooperation. It covers free flow of goods and services, trade fairs, knowledge exchanges, delegations, standards and regulation, the private sector, R&D, agri-tech, and more. Mutual trade has now exceeded $675 million.

El Al partners Etihad

The UAE’s Etihad Airlines and Israel’s El Al have launched a joint codeshare network and reciprocal loyalty agreement for frequent flyers. El Al will sell tickets and offer frequent flier points to its members for the twice-weekly Etihad service between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv from July 18.

Cybersecurity for Dubai

Israel’s Rafael has established the Israeli Operational Technologies Cyber Consortium to provide cybersecurity for operational technologies in Dubai. Its aim is to protect critical infrastructure in the UAE and elsewhere in the Gulf, including desalination plants, power plants and seaports.

The UK chooses Israel’s Trophy

The UK Ministry of Defense has chosen the Trophy Active Protection System, from Israel’s Rafael to protect its Challenger 3 tanks from missile threats.

World’s first cultured meat-production plant

Israel’s Future Meat (see here previously) has opened the world’s first industrial cultured meat facility in the city of Rehovot. It has the capability to produce 500 kilograms of slaughter-free meat products a day – equivalent to 5,000 hamburgers.

Holy peanut butter

Israeli anesthesiologist Dr. Jason Cohen sells 100% Israeli peanut butter. He founded the startup Holy Butter when he found that Israeli brands mainly use Chinese peanuts or peanut powder while Israel exports 70% of its very high-quality home-grown peanuts to Europe. He also sells 100% Israeli almond butter.

Big Deal!

In one of the biggest deals ever between two Israeli companies, DevOps specialist JFrog has acquired VDoo and its automated product security platform for $300 million. It triples JFrog’s team of security experts (engineering, marketing, and sales) with employees located in Israel, Germany, Japan and North America.,7340,L-3911303,00.html

Zerto exits for $374 million

US multinational Hewlett Packard Enterprise is buying Israel’s Zerto for $374 million. Zerto’s products are used by 9,000 customers globally, providing them with disaster recovery, ransomware protection, and data and application cloud services.

The largest Israeli Nasdaq launch

Israel’s IronSource has begun trading on the US Nasdaq following its $11 billion SPAC (special purpose acquisition company) merger and the biggest public offering in Israel’s history. IronSource will receive $2.15 billion to expand its platform for app developers. It is also making a profit!

The largest IPO by a cybersecurity firm

Shares of Israeli-founded cybersecurity firm SentinelOne have begun trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The company raised $1.2 billion – the largest-ever initial share offering by a cybersecurity firm. The IPO price gave the company a market valuation of nearly $9 billion.

The highest value private Israeli startup

Israel’s Gong (see here previously) is already a Unicorn, but its latest round of funding has raised its value to a huge $7.2 billion. It is the highest valuation ever achieved by an Israeli startup in a financing round. Gong has 2,000+ clients and is now expanding to Europe.,7340,L-3911291,00.html

Even larger seed

Back in April (see here previously), Israel’s Talon Cyber Security raised $26 million in what at that time was Israel’s largest-ever initial funding of a startup. Now Israel’s mixed reality startup Multinarity has just emerged from stealth mode by announcing $28 million of seed funding. And it’s still a secret!,7340,L-3911378,00.html

Investment in Israeli startups:

IronSource raised $2.15 billion (IPO); SentinelOne raised $1.2 billion (IPO) Gong raised $250 million; Noname Security raised $60 million; BreezoMeter raised $30 million; Zencity raised $30 million; Multinarity raised $28 million; Juno Journey raised $19 million; Home365 raised $16.3 million; FloLive raised $15.5 million; MDI Health Technologies raised $6 million;


July on Center Stage

Cultural events during July on Israels English-speaking theater in Raanana include Bar Quiz (5th), A Bushman’s Trail (6th), The Gate (12th), Sandy Cash cabaret (14th), Whistle (20th), Jokers & Thieves SongTalk (21st), plus comedy, karaoke, improv night and more.

Stars in the Garden

The Art Garden at Jerusalem’s Israel Museum is the venue for two live music performances. On 19th July stars composer, pianist, and singer Yoni Rechter. Then on 20th July the Jane Bordeaux band (see here previously) hosts singer and songwriter Keren Peles.

What will happen next in Jerusalem?

Almost back to normal on Jerusalem streets. Events included Chabad at Sultan’s Pool, “Rebecca: Mother of Two Dynasties” at the Begin Center, Olympic athletes meet the President, Business Leaders’ Conference, German President’s State visit, plus plenty more.

Gold for teen gymnasts

Israel won the gold medal in the 11-17 age-group category at the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique’s 11th World Age Group Competitions in Geneva, Switzerland. The event was a precursor to the Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships in July.

Married couple running for Israel

Ethiopian Israelis Marhu and Selam Teferi have both qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Selam is running in the women’s 5,000 meters. Marhu is competing in the Marathon. Marhu made Aliyah in 2006 at the age of 14, whereas Selam became an Israeli citizen in 2018.


Israel opens new embassy in UAE

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid affixed a mezuza onto Israel’s new embassy in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. He praised the Abraham Accords and the pursuit of peace with the Arab world, and also thanked Netanyahu, Trump and Biden for their contributions.

Bahrain appoints its first Ambassador to Israel

Khaled Yousef al-Jalahmah will serve as Bahrain’s first envoy to the State of Israel. He previously served as deputy ambassador to the United States.

Israeli mother donates kidney to Gaza boy

Idit, a 50-year-old Israeli mother of three, from a staunchly right-wing family, has donated one of her kidneys to save the life of a 3-year-old Palestinian Arab boy from Gaza. She was inspired by her Shoah survivor grandfather, who always taught her to lead a meaningful life.

An internship in Israel? Yes please!

Shelli Liebov is a current student at Rutgers University in New Jersey. She is in Israel for summer 2021 to be a marketing and PR intern with Yissum, the technology transfer arm of Hebrew University. She is documenting her experiences in a series of blogs that are well worth reading.

Celebrate the Miracle of Entebbe

The American Foundation Creating Leadership for Israel (AFCLI) celebrates the 45th anniversary of the Entebbe rescue on Monday, July 5, 2021. Seminar starts at 11am EST and Ceremony at 2pm. Join by zoom or live in Philadelphia. Register or reserve places at the following link.