by: Michael Ordman


“The diamonds are in our hands”

In one of the most daring operations since Oct 7, Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Shlomi Ziv, and Andrei Kozlov, who were kidnapped from the Nova party, were rescued in “Operation Arnon.” This is how the action unfolded, minute by minute. Some other very good links below.






Israelis never miss an opportunity.

What do you think Almog Meir Jan did during his 8 months as a hostage of Hamas?  He learned two languages of course.  Arabic from watching Al Jazeera, and Russian from speaking with his fellow captive Andrey Kozlov.  He also had been able to keep a journal while in captivity.

Israelí hero – Arnon Zmora

Just a few of the tributes to Arnon Zmora who led the elite Yamam counter-terrorism unit that rescued 4 Israeli hostages in Gaza.



Still recycling

Jack (Tato) Bigio is co-founder and CEO of Israel’s UBQ (see here previously). He describes the purpose of his garbage recycling company, and about the loss of key employees on Oct 7. It hasn’t affected his desire to protect the environment or his determination to avoid being taken-over.

Wedding at last

A year and a half ago Nadav took two bullets in the stomach, was seriously injured but managed to neutralize the terrorist who shot him and his father while they were spending Shabbat in Jerusalem. Thankfully, he recovered, rejoined his unit, and on Jun 13 he got married! Mazel Tov!


Triggering your brain to heal your body

A detailed article about Israel’s Remepy (see here previously). It has completed three clinical trials involving 200 patients, using its digital molecules to treat cancer, MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) and Parkinson’s. It aims to bring its first product to market within three years.

Championing mental health

In Nov 2023, Olessia Kantor founded Israel’s Lev Esh (Fire Heart) project to address the mental health crisis that has intensified since Oct 7. Lev Esh serves as a vital lifeline, connecting trauma sufferers with a network of practitioners, including psychologists, psychiatrists, and holistic therapists.

(In Hebrew only)


She loves Tech

Two female-led startups will be representing Israel at the “She Loves Tech” competition semi-finals in Amsterdam. They are Feminai (wearable medical cancer screening) and JOB360 (see here previously).

Arab swims for Israel at Olympics

With his 100-backstroke victory at the Israeli Olympic Trials on Thursday, Adam Maraana became the first Arab citizen of Israel to qualify for the Olympics since 1976, and the first ever in the sport of swimming. His 53.60 seconds was almost a second faster than his previous best.

Joint meeting of IDF

USA & Arab military. The heads of the IDF, US Central Command, met in Manama Bahrain with senior generals from Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt. Although not publicized, it signified regional security cooperation.

Protecting friendly ports

Israel Aerospace Industries has installed its ELI 3320 Port Guard coastal and offshore critical infrastructure protection system at an Asian port. Port Guard’s sensors track all events on land, air and underwater, feeding information into the command-and-control system, where it is analyzed.

Saudi textbooks remove anti-Israel material

The Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-SE) has reported that Saudi Arabia has removed practically all antisemitism and anti-Israel material from its schoolbooks. It no longer teaches that Israel is racist or denies Jewish history.

Huge rally for Israel in Toronto

Some 50,000 Israel supporters joined the annual Walk with Israel annual march in Toronto, Canada. It was described as the largest gathering of Jews in Canada’s history.

Manhattan Institute award for Douglas

One of Israel’s best advocates, UK’s Douglas Murray, won the 2024 Alexander Hamilton Award in May. He chose to speak on the subject “Choose Life, Not the Death Cult”.  So true – please watch the whole 23 minutes!  The 2nd video is of his more recent (10 min) speech in France.


Aiming for energy independence

The Grand Technion Energy Program (GTEP) at Israel’s Technion Institute is educating scientists dedicated to Israel’s energy security and independence. It has already generated breakthroughs in fuel cells and advanced batteries, green hydrogen, water energy, renewables, and more.

Cyber rising stars

Eleven Israel startups were listed in Notable Capital’s “Rising in Cyber 2024” list, an independent roster of the 30 most promising cyber companies serving the US. They are Astrix Security; Cyera; Drata, Descope; Gomboc; Island; Grip Security; Oligo; Orca Security; Wing Security; and Wiz.

AI is music to their ears

After producing some of Israel’s biggest recent music hits, the Antebi brothers founded Session 42 to make technological music. Their AI tool HitCraft could turn anyone into a music producer. They sold their previous startup Redkix to Facebook for $105 million. This could be even better.


Cleaning up the ocean

Jun 8 was World Ocean Day. This Israel 21c article highlights 7 Israeli startups helping the ocean clean the air, save fish, remove microplastics and much more. Gigablue (removing CO2), Pure Blue Fish, & My Ocean Twin are new to this newsletter.  (CarbonBlue)



Innovating the dairy technology sector

This article is appropriate for the festival of Shavuot (Pentacost), on which Jews traditionally eat dairy products. Startups new to this newsletter are PlantIfoods (milk from plants), and MNDL Bio (enhancing protein content of milk and other foods).

Turning agricultural waste into protein

Or as Israel’s Day 8 states, “From Discarded to Delicious”. It has developed an industrial process to extract alternative proteins from banana leaves. For every kilogram of banana there is 0.5kg of wasted leaf. The resultant RuBisCo protein powder can be used throughout the food industry.


Inflation lower than expected

Israel’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 0.2% in May, for an annual rate of 2.8% – much lower than economists’ expectations. The cost of fresh vegetables and transport fell substantially.

Tel Aviv is 4th highest global startup ecosystem

Despite the war, Tel Aviv moved up to 4th place in the 2024 Global Startup Ecosystem Report, by Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network. The report evaluated 4.5 million companies in more than 300 entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide.

Smoother flying

El Al Airlines has signed a codeshare and club sharing agreement with Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic on the Tel Aviv to London Heathrow route. It comes into effect on Jun 19. El Al has code share agreements with Delta, Air France and Scandinavian. Virgin is a member of the Sky Team Alliance.

25 more F-35s

Israel is to purchase 25 F-35 ‘Adir’ fighter planes from the US for $3 billion. Up to five planes will be delivered each year from 2028, to complete three squadrons of F-35s and a total of 75 planes.

Driver safety system hits the big time

Israel’s Cipia (see here previously) is to provide its Driver Sense driver monitoring system (DMS) to a leading European maker of components for commercial vehicles. There are now 10 global vehicle manufacturers that are using Cipia technology.

Buzzing down under

Good news for Ozzy lovers of honey – Israel’s BeeHero (see here previously) has partnered with local beekeeping and pollination company Monson’s Honey and Pollination, to help beekeepers assess the health of their colonies. Also, around one third of Australian food crops rely on honeybee pollination.

Exits, takeovers and mergers – to 16/6/24:

Israel’s PliOps has merged with Frances Kalray.

Startup investment – to 16/6/24:  Seven AI raised $36 million;


Celebrations, color, and cheesecake

The Streets of Jerusalem were full of crowds celebrating Jerusalem Day. They were followed by an exhibition of colorful quilts at the Jerusalem Theater. Then we entered the lead up to the Jewish festival of Shavuot (Pentecost) and its delicious tradition of eating cheesecake.

Georgian trio supports Israelis

The popular Trio Mandili are three women who sing in the traditional polyphonic Georgian style and language. They just performed five concerts in Israel and are raising donations for Israelis impacted by Oct 7 at concerts all around the world. See videos at the link below.

Radiohead guitarist rejects boycott calls

Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood ignored threats by BDS supporters against Israel when he released an album with Israeli Mizrahi singer Dudu Tassa last year titled “Jarak Qaribak,” featuring musicians from across the Middle East. He performed with Tassa in Israel in May.




Wheelchair tennis champion

Guy Sasson (see here previously) went one better than his runner-up medal at the Australian Open in Feb. He has just become the first Israeli to win a Grand Slam event with his victory in the Quad Wheelchair category at Roland Garros. He was also runner-up in the doubles event.

Good shot

Israel’s Roy Dror won the Croatian Grand Prix leg of the European Archery Championships. He had a perfect 10.10.10 (3 bullseyes) in the final.

European half-marathon silver medalists

Israel won the silver medal behind Italy in the team half marathon event at the European Athletics Championships in Rome. Maru Teferi (fourth place), Gashau Ayale (seventh), and Girmaw Amare (ninth) all finished in the top ten. All three have already qualified for the Paris Olympics.


Celebrating Jerusalem Day

Exciting scenes as Israelis unite to sing and dance on the anniversary of the unification of the eternal city.

A Filipino singer’s journey to Judaism

Howie Danao, 23, came to Israel inside his pregnant mother – a Filipino care worker. He was adopted by an Israeli family; started writing songs at age 8; a semi-finalist on Israel’s “A Star is Born”; drafted into the IDF and converted to Judaism. Now he performs for Oct 7 survivors.

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