Wounded IDF soldier welcomed at NY rehab center

Due to an overload of war casualties Yonatan, an injured IDF soldier had his follow-up surgeries in Israel delayed. A compassionate doctor and Five Towns Premier Rehab Center in Woodmere, NY, agreed to admit him.

96-year-old IDF reservist promoted

Ezra Yakhin, 96, serves in reserve service as a motivational speaker in the Education Corps “Torchbearer Unit”. Since the beginning of the war, he has been inspiring the soldiers of today with fighting spirit. He has just been promoted to the rank of Command Master Sergeant.

IDF officer and Prize-winning scientist

When Dr Nir Shlezinger isn’t on duty as an IDF reserve armored corps officer, he lectures Engineering Science students at Israel’s Ben Gurion University. He has also just won a Krill Prize from the Wolf Foundation for Excellence in Scientific Research in digital communications and AI.

Descendants of Nazis in pro-Israel march

Hundreds of Nazi descendants have been marching the streets of Ashkelon, and Jerusalem in solidarity with the Jewish State. Many participated in the March of the Nations because of the events of Oct 7.

Delivering results

Israeli NGO Social Delivery collects surplus goods, from clothes to furniture, from retailers and offices of tech firms and delivers them to Gaza border communities. For the first three months of the war, Social Delivery sent products to hotels housing evacuees. Now it sends the products to the Gaza border again.

US volunteers help Israeli startups

Nonprofit Kachol Balev (Blue at Heart) has enlisted hundreds of volunteers in the US (students and others), with a whole range of hi-tech skills, to work remotely for Israeli startups. They occupy some of the gaps left by tens of thousands of Israelis called up for IDF reserve duty.


Detecting cancer with saliva test

Israel’s Salignostics (see here previously) is working with Israel’s Sheba Medical Center to develop a saliva test for the early detection of oral cavity cancer. It may save some of the 400,000 diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer, of whom only 50% will survive five years after diagnosis.

$1.2 million to discover a gut feeling

The French-based Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) funds basic research in life sciences. It has awarded a $1.2 million grant to Ben Gurion University Prof Michael Meijler to investigate how certain gut bacteria affect human behavior, such as anxiety and stress.

20,000 doctors available

Israel’s Air Doctor (see here previously) now has 20,000 doctors registered to its service globally, partnering with insurance companies in 80 countries. It has also added video telemedicine consultations on their platform and reduced insurance claim costs by 54%.

Booming IVF baby boomers

Israel’s AIVF (see here previously) reports that its EMA embryo analysis platform is 38% more accurate than the eye of a trained embryologist when assessing which IVF embryo is most likely to result in a successful pregnancy. AIVF is active in Europe, Australia, Brazil, and South Korea.

New Haifa University Medical School

Haifa University governors laid the cornerstone of the Herta and Paul Amir School of Medicine. The 1,200-bed hospital is due to open in 2025, featuring state-of-the-art medical services; patient-centered care; hi-tech ICUs; and cardiovascular, thoracic, and surgical oncology departments.

Top training for top nurses at top hospital

The current 3-month SPARC training course for nurses at Israel’s Sheba Medical Center includes participants from Australia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Nigeria, South Africa and the US. It selects innovative nurses who have ideas for life-saving solutions that they can develop into practice.

Technology Pioneer

The World Economic Forum selected Israel’s BrainQ (see here previously) for the 2024 cohort of WEF Technology Pioneers. BrainQ, will contribute cutting-edge insights and expertise to the Forum’s global initiatives over the next two years, helping to scale their impact.

United Hatzalah Gala raises $20 million

It was Eden Golan day at United Hatzalah’s gala fundraiser event in Manhattan. After delivering the first US performance of her song “Hurricane” and other songs, she received United Hatzalah’s “Hero Award”. The event raised $20 million for ambulances, e-bikes, and other equipment.


Young, gifted, black, Muslim, Israeli

Tamer just graduated from Reichman University. He is a black Muslim from the Negev.  He has voted in five Israeli elections. See what he says to Noa Tishby.

More jobs for Muslim women

Some interesting discoveries from Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics. The proportion of Muslim women studying for a first degree is more than double that for men.

Why Erdon is leaving the UN

The news that Gilad Erdan is stepping down from being Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, was troubling, as he has been excellent at exposing the Ugly Nazis.  His “family reasons”, however, may include that two of his children will soon begin their service in the IDF.


Sorry, but I just love these Douglas Murray videos. This is part of the recent Munk debate.

Ibex rescued from sinkhole

The Nubian ibex is endangered globally but thrives in Israel. When one fell into a 10-meter-deep Dead Sea sinkhole it was rescued in a two-hour operation by the Israel Police’s Ein Gedi Natural Reserve rescue unit. After the rescue, the unharmed ibex was released back into the wild.


The first ever AI test engineer

Israeli-founded, US-based, BlinqIO provides an essentially infinite pool of human-like testers that can be integrated into the development process, allowing companies to allocate higher value work to their human workforce. The AI can operate in over 50 languages.

Making generative AI greener. Development AI systems are extremely energy intensive. Deploying AI can waste valuable hardware resources, as well as increase costs and power usage. The AI-centric server-on-a-chip solution from Israel’s NeuReality (see here previously) can reduce energy consumption.

Take care with AI

Israel’s Aporia (see here previously) stops users of generative AI systems accidentally including material that could be offensive, sensitive, controversial, or breach company policies. Aporia’s Guardrails detects and prevents attempts to manipulate AI systems that companies rely on more and more.


A remote chauffeur

Israel’s Ottopia (see here previously) has certainly accelerated since last featured in this newsletter. Watch the video to see how Ottopia’s Advanced Tele-Driver Assistance System (ATAS) can find parking, drop-off, pick-up, or be a chauffeur. Clients include Deutsche Telekom, Hyundai and Nvidia.


Re-using worn out EV batteries

Once electric vehicle batteries no longer can be charged to more than 70% capacity, global regulations state they must be replaced. Israel’s Sparkion takes discarded EV batteries and, after charging them using green energy, uses them as a power source at electric vehicle charging stations.

Keeping solar panels at peak performance. Israel’s Soltell Systems helps rooftop solar providers monitor, manage and improve their panels’ performance. Soltell’s SysMap energy management software uses local open-source weather sensors to identify when the panels need to be cleaned. Soltell has several EU customers.

To fertilize or not

Croptune from Israel’s Agriot can determine the nitrogen content in a plant from an image and judge how much nitrogen-rich fertilizer it needs. The farmer downloads the Croptune Apple / Android app; enters the crop type & location; takes photos and reads the analysis. Saves costs and the environment.

Israeli Quantum Computing Center

Israel’s Quantum Machines (see here previously) has announced the opening of the Israeli Quantum Computing Center (IQCC). It is said to be the first in the world with multiple co-located quantum computers of different qubit modalities. It also houses a sophisticated cryogenic testbed.

A quantum alliance

Israel’s Classiq (see here previously) has partnered with Hewlett Packard. Classiq’s synthesis engine uses HP’s Cray supercomputer to synthesize Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA) circuits.  And no, I have absolutely no idea why that is important to quantum computing, but it is!


Building Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s construction boom will attract more businesses and residents to Israel’s capital. It includes the city entrance (1-3 million sqm), K complex (100,000sqm), Marom Tower (40,000sqm), plus the regional district, old Shaare Zedek, Givat Shaul, Talpiot, Har Hotzvim, Givat Ram, & East Jerusalem.

Supporting farmer

Social lending enterprise Ogen (see here previously) has partnered with Israeli charity Leket to create the Farmers’ Immediate Relief Track. It provides 3% loans up to NIS 300,000 over 5 years. For farmers wishing to expand their business, the Long-Term Agricultural Relief Track offers up to NIS 1 million.

Revolutionizing the food preservatives market

Israel’s Bountica (see here previously is working with global bakery ingredients and chocolate company Puratos to use Bountica’s “ProServative” proteins in the food industry. These protein anti-microbials are far safer than current food preservatives.

A financial accounting service to suit you

Israel’s Finaloop offers a fast automated accounting and bookkeeping system. It can also provide a complete third-party financial management service.

Most promising enterprise software startup

You probably didn’t know about these 5 Israeli “startups to watch in 2024” previously – even though their funding has been included in this newsletter. So, if you want to know what Trullion, Frontegg, Volumez, Bridgewise, and Port (GetPort) do, now is your chance.


Exits, takeovers and mergers – to 23/6/24:

Israel’s Gilat Satellite Networks is acquiring Stellar Blue.

Startup investment – to 23/6/24:

Insightec raised $150 millionSemperis raised $125 million (new Unicorn); Zencity raised $40 millionFinaloop raised $35 millionAim Security raised $18 millionEntro Security raised $18 millionPointFive raised $16 millionFhenix raised $15 millionBlinqIO raised $5 millionFalkorDB raised $3 million;


Israel’s largest fabric wall sculpture

The interior walls of the new National Library of Israel form the largest fabric wall sculpture in Israel. The 565 square meter display by artist Gali Cnaani mimic the library’s exterior stone walls. The many horizontal and vertical lines hint at piles of books.

New visitor center in Dead Sea oasis

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority has opened a new visitors’ complex at its desert oasis facility, Einot Zukim on the northern Dead Sea in the West Bank. The NIS 35 million upgrade includes two movies – about daytime and night life in the reserve and in the sea itself.

Visit Timna Park

If you plan to holiday in Eilat this year, why not go and see nearby Tiimna Park. It combines desert views, geological wonders, and ancient history. Take a day trip from Eilat or go glamping.  Enjoy hikes, cycling, rock climbing, and boating in Timna lake or just admire the scenery.

Golden swimmers

Israeli swimmers won gold medals in three events at the European Aquatics Championships in Belgrade. Anastasia Gorbenko won three medals – the 400m individual medley and as a member of the Israel teams that won the women’s 4 x 200m freestyle relay team and the mixed 400m relay.×200-free-relay-national-record-en-route-to-first-ever-euro-relay-title/

Euro chess silver in Ireland

Israel’s Shelley Potikha was runner-up in the Girls Under 11 section of the 2024 European School Chess Championship in Limerick, Ireland.

Israeli MMA fighter wins & publicizes hostages

Israeli Mixed Martial Arts fighter Shimon Smotritzky won by a knockout in his top-billing fight in Houston, Texas. He took the opportunity to raise awareness for the plight of the hostages kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and held in Gaza.


We care

The theme for the 2024 Jerusalem Unity Prize was “Caring for one another”. In the five categories, the winners were: “Home Front” – Yedidim; “Strengthening the South” – Aharai; “Strengthening the North” – Kerem-El Druze Pre-Military Academy; “Reservists” – Heroes for Life; “Diaspora affairs” – Partnership2Gether

A war hero for two nations

Lieutenant Moshe Brodetzky was awarded the Purple Heart and Silver Star in the US Army during WWII. Then in 1948 he led Israeli soldiers in the defense of Ramat Rachel, winning the Jabotinsky medal. He has just passed away at the age of 99 and was buried on the Mount of Olives.

The next generation of Israel educators.

The iCenter for Israel Education has just finished its 13th cohort with 100 graduate students and faculty of its iFellows master’s program convening in Israel. Students from 17 North American and Israeli universities study Jewish education, rabbinics, nonprofit management and more.

Ancient tefillin were not black. An Israeli-led scientific study of Second Temple period phylacteries found near Qumran has found that they were not colored black, as is mandated by contemporary Jewish law. Neither of the two methods (soot/charcoal, and tannin with iron oxide) were used on these 2000-year-old relics.

The last Jewish revolt against the Romans. For the very first time, evidence has been found in Lod from the Gallus Revolt, the last Jewish resistance against Roman rule in 351-354 CE. Archeologists found 94 silver and bronze coins dating between 221-354 CE, plus many artifacts – some with Hebrew inscriptions.

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