by: Michael Ordman


Israel’s largest flag

50 meters above Moshav Netiv HaAsara flies is probably the biggest flag in Israel at 17 meters wide and 12 meters tall. It is visible from Gaza, as a symbol of defiance to the Hamas terrorists who tried to overrun the Moshav on Oct 7.

CAM-supported volunteers honored

Members of the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) received Presidential Volunteer Medals in Jerusalem for helping those impacted by Oct 7. They included Yahaloma Zechut (Ofakim Resilience Center), Racheli Tadesa Malkai (Ethiopians), and Wahid Alhuzeil (Bedouins).

Volunteers learn resilience

Some 100 US college students just completed the Jewish National Fund-USA’s “Alternative Break” week, supporting families in southern Israel impacted by the Oct 7 attacks. They repaired houses, worked on farms, and made food packages for IDF soldiers and admired the spirit of all the Israelis.

Cooking for soldiers

Yehudit and a group of volunteers make Shabbat food for IDF soldiers. An online order mix-up resulted in a donation to pay for the food. She blogged the story and got more donations. Soldiers love it when she brings the food to the bases. They are hungry for home cooking.

How does a comedian deal with Oct 7?

Israeli standup comedian Modi was flying to Paris on Oct 7 to perform to European audiences. In this interview on Israeli Internet TV channel I24 he relates how Jewish humor can give respite in times of crisis.  (see also Seinfeld below)


IDF rescue tortured Gazan donkey

The IDF found a donkey in Gaza that had been tortured and tied up and released it. Earlier in the war, the IDF rescued dogs, cats and exotic birds (see here previously). They even took care of a neglected lion from a Gazan Zoo.


Taking research to heart

As cells age, they stop dividing. Our immune system removes them, but they build up as we age. Scientists say that all these “senescence cells” must be removed to prevent aging, but scientists at Israel’s Weizmann Institute have discovered that those formed after heart injury are needed, to protect the heart.

Candida gets the blue-light treatment

Israel’s Zero Candida has developed a device to treat candidiasis – an infection that affects hundreds of millions of women per year worldwide. It uses high-energy blue light to destroy the fungus quickly and without side effects. The device has been patented in South Africa!

Cancer immunotherapy clinical trials

Israel’s Biond Biologics (see here previously) has begun multi-center trials of BND-35. It is already trialing BND-22. Both are immunotherapy treatments for solid tumors.

Shining light on pancreatic cancer

Researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute have enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to illuminate previously undetectable pancreatic tumors. They injected deuterium-enriched glucose into the bloodstream. The tumors eat the glucose and excrete lactate that MRIs can reveal.

Med-tech and fast response saves mother’s life

After giving birth to her second child in Israel, Nofer’s vital signs plummeted. Her midwife alerted emergency teams who found multiple blood clots and a heart defect. A cardiologist then used advanced ultrasound technology and minimally invasive surgery to save Nofer’s life.

The youngest doctor?

Doron (31) was only 25 years-old when he received a Ph.D. in mathematics from the Technion in 2018. Today he is a fourth-year Technion medical student and intends to combine his expertise in mathematics with medicine to help people with mental illness. As a child, Doron “operated” on his toy animals.

Kidney exchanges save lives

Israeli Ronit and a kidney transplant recipient in Czechia (Czech Republic) underwent a kidney exchange thanks to Israel’s National Transplant Center. Ronit’s friend Yair donated his kidney to the Czech recipient, whose wife donated her kidney to Ronit.


Donations help extinguish fires

30 crews of Israeli firefighters are battling fires in northern Israel caused by Hezbollah rockets using trucks donated by Jewish National Fund-USA. 10 more are using KKL-JNF trucks. Since 2006, JNF-USA has raised nearly $16 million for Israel’s firefighters and provided 200+ fire trucks.

Visa waiver agreement with Kosovo

Citizens of Kosovo and Israel will be able to visit the other nation without a visa following an agreement between the two governments. The visa waiver will go into effect in September. Kosovo is the first Muslim-majority country to establish an embassy in Jerusalem.

Still supporting disaster victims

Despite the war, Israeli humanitarian teams are still aiding victims of disasters overseas. IsraAID volunteers are in Papua New Guinea following the deadly landslide (see here previously) and Israel’s SmartAID has sent a team to Brazil, where floods have affected 2.3 million Brazilians.

5 million live

sIsraeli NGO Innovation: Africa, is celebrating a significant milestone. It has just opened the taps in the Nyamphanza Village in Zambia, bringing the number of people whose lives have been transformed with access to clean water, light and electricity since its inception in 2008 to more than 5 million people.

The earliest shipwreck

The oldest ship ever found in the deep sea has been discovered off Israel’s northern coast. The 3,300-year-old ship’s cargo included hundreds of intact ceramic jars (amphorae), used to transport oil, wine and other agricultural products. The finds will be displayed to the public in Jerusalem.

Creative thinkers

The OECD’s 2022 study into student creative thinking was published recently. Israeli students ranked 11th of the 63 countries. Those at Hebrew-speaking schools achieved even higher levels. The Palestinian Authority school system ranked 59th.

The highest birthrate in the OECD

A new Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development report shows Israel has the highest birthrate among the top 38 industrialized nations. Israel’s 2.9 is followed by Mexico and France at 1.8. South Korea has only 0.7. OECD birthrates have fallen 50% in the last 50 years.

The second-best country to retire to

If you don’t fancy living in Iceland then Israel is the best country to relocate to when you retire.  So says UK’s ConfidenceClub in its “Aging Gracefully Index,” of 39 countries, compiled after Oct 7. Its categories included health care, life expectancy, safety, and life satisfaction.


Cracking the code – a better egg without the chicken

Brilliant article about Israel’s Eggmented Reality (see here previously). It describes why its vegan egg-alternative is better than its competitors. It then said that US-FDA approval and partnerships with food companies is a “kind of chicken and egg situation”! It cracked me up!

Probiotics inside

Israel’s Wonder Veggies has found a way to make fruit and vegetables even healthier. They have developed a spray that infuses fresh produce with probiotics. The process protects the probiotics from stomach acids until they are released inside the microbiome of the intestines to generate “good bacteria”.

Lower sugar fruit sorbets

Israel’s Better Juice (see here previously) has created sorbets with 50% – 70% less sugar than regular sorbet. Their calorific value is reduced by 40% and have a lower glycemic index.  Other products such as ice cream, jams, and fruit roll-ups, are also in the pipeline.

Unmanned electric cargo plane is unveiled

Israel’s AIR has unveiled its new unmanned AIR ONE Cargo electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. It can carry a payload of up to 250kg at speeds comparable to its manned passenger version (see here previously).

New toolkit to make websites more accessible

Israel’s User1st (see here previously) has launched its U1 toolkit to help companies make their websites and apps accessible for people with disabilities. It saves over 80% of time and resources by automated scanning, fixing and suggestions on repairing complex issues.

Make your video speak

Israel’s Artlist (see here previously) provides high quality, royalty-free licensed music, stock video clips and sound effects for digital professionals. It has launched an AI voiceover generator for video makers, making external voiceovers unnecessary, while enhancing content creation and storytelling.

Self-repairing adhesive glass

Researchers from Tel Aviv University have manufactured a new type of glass made from peptides. It is recyclable, self-healing, optically transparent, and can also act as a glue. If cracked, it will repair itself on contact with moisture. It can be used for spectacle lenses and much more.

Quantum vortices when photons collide

This article is included to show the fundamental science being researched by Israelis at the Weizmann Institute. They have discovered a new type of vortex formed when photons collide. It could open important new avenues in the application of quantum computing.


Angel investor clubs selected

Israel’s Innovation Authority (IIA) has selected eight proposals (from 40 bids) for organizations to manage schemes whereby members can invest in early-stage startups seeking funding. Each club will receive NIS 900,000 per year for a 3-year period. Originally only 3 clubs were planned (see here).

Tel Aviv is more affordable

Mercer’s annual Cost of Living City Ranking has dropped Tel Aviv from the 8th most expensive city for foreign employees to a mere 16th. Lower rental costs are the main reason, with Dubai (15) and London (8) overtaking it. The 226 cities listed are headed by Hong Kong, Singapore, and Zurich.

Agrifood tech startups are thriving

Despite the war, Israel’s agrifood tech sector is thriving with 400 companies and nearly $100 million oof private funding in Quarter 1, 2024. Many companies have relocated from Northern Israel to the center and food security has become a major focus.

Crop spraying in Nebraska

Israel’s Greeneye Technology has opened a dealership in Nebraska – its first in the US. Greeneye’s precision spraying reduces chemical use in farming by an average of 88%. Local partner Boeck Seeds says that weed control is the biggest challenge that Nebraska farmers are facing.

Ready to leap higher

Gilad Lando, CEO of Israel’s Smart Resilin (see here previously), explains the unique process to make 500 grams a month of its revolutionary elastic material. He hopes that by partnering with Acies Bio of Slovenia this will increase to a ton of resilin per month by the end of 2026. That could be stretching it!

Rising startups

Two Israeli startups won the 2024 Asper Prize – the Hebrew University’s “Rising Startup” Award and NIS 100,000 prize money. GynTools’ GYNI is an AI system to diagnose female infections. Hydro X converts hydrogen into a safe, non-toxic water-based liquid for inexpensive storage and transportation.



Israeli workbench is “Pro’s Pick”

The professional woodworker from Family Handyman magazine who reviewed the Folding Work Table from Israel’s Keter was most impressed. So were others.


ChatGPT creator to set-up in Israel

Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI co-founder and creator of ChatGPT, plans to establish a research and development center in Tel Aviv for his new startup Safe Superintelligence Inc. He believes that Israel has the talent necessary to responsibly control AI and transform the world.

Exits, acquisitions and mergers to 30/6/24:

“Frog” eats “Duck” Israel’s JFrog has acquired Israel’s Qwak for $230 million.

Startup investment – to 30/6/24: Fetcherr raised $90 raised $31 million;  Illumex raised $13 million.


Fresh Paint 2024

Israel’s largest art event, Fresh Paint will take place in Tel Aviv (July 3-8). It will comprise 40 exhibits set in gyms and outdoor tennis courts, showcasing the works of dozens of participating artists.

Seinfeld deals with hecklers

Audiences at Jerry Seinfeld standup shows probably look forward to the way he handles anti-Israel protestors. He got laughter and applause for quips such as “It’s a comedy show, you moron. Get out of here.” and “tell who’s ever running your organization, ‘We just gave more money to a Jew.’”

Check out JR’s entertainment sites

Jacob Richman has updated several of his websites guaranteed to keep up your spirits during these difficult times.  They include Hebrew songs and commercials, Funny English videos, Jewish cartoonsClever humor, and the 48th anniversary of the Entebbe rescue. Plus prayers for the hostages.

Tour de France

The Israel-Premier Tech cycling team is preparing for its fifth Tour de France competition beginning this weekend. The team won three stages in previous events. Team owner Sylvan Adams presented Israel’s President Herzog with a team jersey that will proudly display “Israel” to the billions watching the race.

Bring them home

The car that Israel’s top NASCAR racer Alon Day will drive on July 6 will display “Chai” (Hebrew for “Life”) and feature a striking blue-and-white wrap. For promotional events, his car is inlaid with a Star of David and the phrase “Bring them home”, but NASCAR regulations prohibit religious symbols.

Ruling the waves

Israel won gold and silver in the women’s 200-meter individual medley at the European Aquatics Championships in Belgrade. Anastasia Gorbenko took first place – her 4th gold at the event. Teammate Lea Polonsky, 22, was 2nd and qualified for the Olympics. Israel was 8th in the medal table.


Assyrians destroyed at iconic site.

An analysis has been made of a stone carving on the walls of the palace of King Sennacherib of Assyria in Nineveh (now modern Mosul in Iraq). It reveals that in 701 BCE, the King’s army was stationed at what is now Jerusalem’s Ammunition Hill. See 2 Kings 19:35 to read what happened.


Positivity on the streets. Jerusalem is busy; offices are full; athletes are preparing for the Olympics; volunteers were honored; so were those with disabilities; and Hebrew Book Week (12-days) is back.

Astronaut’s diary restored

For the past 20 years, the diary of Ilan Ramon (z”l), Israel’s first astronaut, has been undergoing complex restoration at the Israel Museum. It has now been transferred to Israel’s National Library where it has been digitally scanned and will be preserved to honor the memory of its author.

Science with Torah study

The Jerusalem College of Technology has received a $1 million donation from David and Debra Magerman to expand JCT’s International Program for English Speakers. The JCT combines high-level academic degrees and Torah study, reinforces religious Zionist values and promotes integration.

How to help Israel

Here are some sites where newsletter readers can donate to Israeli organizations that provide vital help to Israelis at this difficult time.  Many thanks to those who have already contributed and to those who are helping by donating their own valuable time and resources.

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And many more charities here:

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