Good News Israel presents Technology: 3D printed cars, smart suitcases and more …

Israel’s part in the comet landing.

Two Tel Aviv University professors had key roles in the Rosetta project which completed the first ever spacecraft landing on a comet. Prof. Akiva Bar-Nun helped design the craft and its experiments.  Prof Morris Podolak and other Israelis will analyze the Dust Impact Monitor experiment.

Israeli plants can resist climate change.

A study by scientists from Israel, Germany and the US shows Israel’s plants to be more resilient than other plant species in being able to withstand the stresses of any threat from global warming. One researcher said, “Our plants are strong and so are the people of Israel!”

The world’s first 3D printed car.

The Objet1000 from Israel’s Stratasys is the largest 3D printer in the world.  And it has just been used to print a full-size prototype of the world’s first 3D printed electric car: the StreetScooter. Researchers at Germany’s Aachen University developed the the StreetScooter – and expect to have a working prototype ready for the public in just one year.

Israelis win PayPal challenge.

Israelis Shai Mishali and Pavel Kaminsky won the $100,000 grand prize at the global hackathon competition held at PayPal’s California HQ.  They beat 3,000 international programmers by developing (in 24 hours) AirHop, for messaging without cellular reception or using devices without SIM cards.

Public transport app has over 10 million users.

One million users per month are joining Israel’s Moovit community for easier travel on public transport.  Moovit works in hundreds of cities worldwide.  It combines service company data with live actual data from Moovit travelers.

A really smart alarm clock.

Israeli Zach Bamberger has developed the SmartAlarm, which checks weather conditions, traffic alerts, and other data and decides when you need to get out of bed in order to make it to work on time.  E.g. detecting an incident on your route at 4am, the alarm can wake you 15 minutes earlier than usual.

New Cornell-Technion research lab.

Media giant AOL is funding the multi-million dollar “Connected Experiences” lab (ConnX) being launched by NYC-based Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute.  The lab will operate in both Israel and New York, allowing research of communication and coordination, food and wellness, education and safety, and information and entertainment.  It also includes a graduate fellowship program.

Israeli company wins European innovation award.

Israel’s Aqua-Rimat – Leak Buster, won the product innovation award for Smart Home and End User Engagement at European Utility Week in Amsterdam.  10,000 delegates attended the event, representing the world’s most successful utilities and solution providers.

You can now live out of a suitcase.

An Israeli startup has developed FUGU luggage – a suitcase that expands from carry-on size to full size using a built-in electric pump. It includes a laptop case and shelves and can even be used as a table.  Pledges on Kickstarter have been phenomenal.

The first agro-biomedical center.

Israel’s MIGAL Galilee Research Institute has established the first specialized Agro-Biomedical hub.  The center will serve applied researchers, clinicians, entrepreneurs, startups, growers and consumer companies. Research focuses on natural products.


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