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Jewish mother and daughter back challah

1st social networking app for Jewish mothers to learn and connect; Virtual walk across the Temple Mount in Jerusalem; Ben-Gurion Day in the US, and much more!

By Michael Ordman


An app for Jewish mothers

The global movement for Jewish mothers, Momentum (see here previously) has launched Yomm – the first social networking app designed to bring Jewish women closer together to learn and connect. Yomm was created in partnership with the Mayberg Foundation and Israel’s Diaspora Affairs ministry.

The stairway to the Temple

Take a virtual walk across Temple Mount in Jerusalem and see the stairs that Jewish pilgrims ascended to reach the Second Temple, even before King Herod expanded the courtyard.


Ben Gurion Day in the USA

Each year on 6th Kislev, Israel pays tribute to its founding father, David Ben-Gurion, with a national holiday. This year, on 30 Nov, for the very first time, “Ben-Gurion Day” will come to the USA. Register here, to discover how Ben-Gurion’s groundbreaking ideas and dreams are now a reality.

Startup CEO donates kidney to a stranger

Rony Zigler is CEO of Kolhei Golan, managing all the sewage treatment plants in the Golan Heights. His latest treatment plant uses reconditioned kidney dialysis filters from Israel’s NUFiltration (see here previously). It inspired Rony to altruistically donate a kidney to a total stranger.

More kidney donors

The above article about Rony Zigler also mentions that more than a dozen residents of his religious Zionist hometown of Hispin in the Golan have donated kidneys to strangers through the NGO Matnat Chaim (“gift of life”).  Israelis are the world’s most altruistic kidney donors (see here previously).

The first Bnei Menashe synagogue in Israel

Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue, the first-ever house of prayer in Israel for Bnei Menashe immigrants from India, has just been inaugurated in the northern Israeli city of Nof Hagalil. About 150 worshippers attended – most of them members of the community.

Welcome to Israel

In 2021, Israel brought 1,755 Ethiopian Jews to settle in Israel. They joined over 90,000 others who were born in Ethiopia, together with another 73,800 with at least one parent born in Ethiopia. Netanya is the city with the largest population of residents of Ethiopian origin (around 12,000).


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