Good News Israel Archive from the week of July 3, 2016: Researchers at Israel’s Technion Institute have developed a nanomedicine technology for the targeted treatment of gastric tumors; Presidents and chancellors from top US universities and colleges have been visiting Israel to learn about innovation and opportunities for bilateral academic partnerships, and much more.



Nanomedicine targets stomach cancer

Researchers at Israel’s Technion Institute have developed a nanomedicine technology for the targeted treatment of gastric tumors. The platform combines anti-cancer and anti-resistance compounds, packaged orally in beta-casein – a constituent of mother’s milk.

Artificial Intelligence to aid patient care

Israeli startup MedyMatch is developing an artificial intelligence (AI) platform using proprietary algorithms to process CT image data in the Cloud. Fast analysis of data will help physicians make accurate critical clinical decisions – e.g. with stroke diagnosis.

An app to beat acne

Israeli startup MDAlgorithms has built MDacne – the world’s first app to provide mobile acne analysis with customized treatment plans. Users complete a questionnaire and take a selfie. An algorithm then processes the data and offers food and hygiene tips and recommended medications.

ReWalk inventor can now stand up

Israel’s Amit Goffer invented the ReWalk for paraplegics, but as a quadriplegic he couldn’t use it. So he invented UPnRIDE (see Aug 2014) which allows wheelchair-bound quadriplegics to get vertical. Watch Amit use the latest version of UPnRIDE.

Device to treat overactive bladder

Israeli startup BlueWind Medical has won a CE mark for its miniature neuro-stimulation device to treat overactive bladder. The OAB-1000 system is wireless, has no battery, is 90% smaller than existing devices and is minimally invasive, being implanted in the leg.

Robotic surgery in New York

Dr. Ronald Lehman is first in NYC to perform PROlat(TM) spinal surgery using technology from Israel’s Mazor Robotics. He praised the time saved (one hour), the absence of having to flip over the patient and the reduced radiation that the patient and operating staff were exposed to. In addition, Mazor’s platform has now been approved by the medical authorities in (South) Korea.

Find an Israeli doctor

The Israel Medical Association has launched a database (in Hebrew) of Israeli public and private doctors. Currently containing 1500 doctors (and growing) one can search by name, specialty and subspecialty, location, gender, professional status, languages they speak and age group that they treat.

Israeli soldiers revive Palestinian Arab baby

A Palestinian Arab baby without a pulse was brought to where IDF soldiers were stationed and they immediately began emergency treatment. They were able to restore the baby’s breathing before the Red Crescent arrived to take him to hospital. The baby is now in stable condition.



Record number of women in Israeli Parliament

Israel’s latest political reshuffle has brought the number of women lawmakers to a 33 – an all-time high. Yulia Malinovsky was sworn in as a Yisrael Beytenu Member of the Knesset on 7 June. She plans to focus on issues of welfare, education, housing, and the cost of living.

Supporting social startups

TechForGood has announced registration for the third cycle of its Israeli accelerator program, which supports startups that leverage technology in order to address social issues. It seeks Israeli startups with ideas for the elderly, the environment, food quality, healthcare, etc.

Israeli-Arab is University dean

Professor Michael (Mousa) Karayanni is the first-ever Israeli-Arab to be appointed dean of the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Professor Karayanni, is from a Christian Greek Orthodox family in the Galilee town of Kafr Yasif.

Finance for Arab businesswomen

SAWA is a microfinance initiative from Koret Israel Economic Development Funds that offers loans to women with promising business ideas. SAWA began in the country’s South focusing on Bedouin women, and has recently expanded further north.

150 PA farmers attend expo in Tel Aviv

The Civil Administration for the Territories (COGAT) arranged for 150 Palestinians Arab farmers to attend an international exhibition of agriculture (Agro-Mashov) in the heart of Tel Aviv in order to learn about cutting-edge agricultural technology to develop their businesses.

Employment for Georgia

Jobs will be created in the US State of Georgia when Israel’s Polymer Logistics opens its third US distribution center in Dublin, Georgia. The $4 million center will eventually employ 110 people, adding to those already employed in its California and Texas service centers. In addition, Georgia Ports Authority reported a 23 percent increase in trade with Israel last year.

Israeli greenhouses to employ Philippine’s homeless

The Secretary of the Department of Agriculture in the Philippines is to train the street dwellers in the capital Manila to work in agricultural projects supported by Greenhouse Israeli Agro-Innovative Technology.

University leaders visit Israel

Presidents and chancellors from top US universities and colleges have been visiting Israel to learn about innovation and opportunities for bilateral academic partnerships.

China’s incredible glass bridge

Israeli architect Haim Dotan designed the world’s highest and longest transparent glass bridge spanning China’s Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, one of the most popular scenic spots in China. It is 430m long and 300m high and took only 18 months to complete at a cost of approximately £48 million.



AI to build a website

Israeli DIY website development company is to market a new platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure the website completely meets the requirements of the builder. Wix ADI asks the user what he/she needs and then uses its algorithms to build the website in minutes.

Electric car-sharing for Haifa

The Haifa municipality and the Ministry of Environmental Protection is to launch a pilot program for shared vehicles. It includes operation of an electric car rental service for users to collect a vehicle at a one location and return it at any of the charging stations scattered around the city.

Israeli solar tech for South African power plant

Israel’s Brenmiller Energy has teamed up with Spanish company Isolux in a tender for construction of a 150-megawatt solar power station in South Africa. Brenmiller’s energy storage systems will account for half of the project’s estimated $500 million overall cost.

Wheat genome data released for research

The bread wheat genome, that was deciphered by Israel’s NRGene, has now been made available to researchers by the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC). The data will make possible the production of improved wheat varieties for farmers.

A bio-fungicide from tea tree oil

Israeli-managed Stockton Group has signed a major agreement with Syngenta as the exclusive global distributor of Stockton’s new bio-fungicide technology based on tea tree oil for the control of several diseases in ornamental crops.

The optical engine to AR glasses

Israel’s Lumus produces optical engines – a critical part of Augmented Reality (AR) products. Its customers build AR glasses, visors, goggles, and headsets including Thales, Atheer and DAQRI. Lumus has just raised $15 million in new funding.

Green globes for World Environment Day

To mark World Environment Day, the Israeli Union of Environmental NGOs – Life and Environment, presented a Green Globe to Yosef Abramowitz – the Israeli CEO of solar energy company Energiya Global. Other winners included Greeneye in the Business category.

The firewall that fights back

At cybersecurity startup Preempt’s Israeli R&D center it has developed a firewall that not only detects suspicious behavior, but responds to neutralize any threat in real time. It will decide whether to block the attacker, notify management or challenge the attacker to authenticate.

Interpol and NATO attend Cyber Week

Cybersecurity professionals, policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs and academics, including some from INTERPOL and NATO, attended Tel Aviv’s 6th Annual International Cybersecurity Conference (also known as Cyber Week). They discussed threats facing the international community and the latest advances in cyber technology.

Accelerating the world’s fastest computer

The world’s new fastest supercomputer is Sunway TaihuLight in Wuxi, China. But its 93 petaflop/s (quadrillions of calculations per second) are accelerated by its use of the interconnect InfiniBand solutions of Israel’s Mellanox Technologies. InfiniBand connects 41.2 percent of the TOP500 systems.

Minimizing machinery downtime

Israel’s DeepSense processes data from industrial machinery to predict likely machine failures and alert management. DeepSense has just raised $2 million of funding.

Power from Gallium Nitride

Israel’s VisIC Technologies develops and markets high power transistors and modules based upon the semiconductor compound Gallium Nitride (GaN). VisIC’s mission is to replace most of the less efficient Silicon products used in power conversion systems.—new-product-generation-industrys-record—gallium-nitride-device-with-highest-efficiency-at-highest-frequency-300279825.html



Study to be an entrepreneur

Israel’s Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya will launch a new one-year program in October to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. IDCBeyond, will train graduates in technology, biomedicine, globalization and sustainability, with mentoring from academia and industry.

Israeli-Indian startups

Tel Aviv University is to launch a joint accelerator program together with India’s T-Hub technological incubator. The program will support agritech startups both in the Indian state of Telangana and in Israel.

Bill Gates invests in Israeli incubator

Intellectual Ventures, of which Bill Gates is a member, has invested in the new technological incubator XELERATOR for the development of medical devices. It is thought to be Gates’ first-ever investment in Israel.

Jerusalem – startup capital of Israel

Jerusalem is the fusion of old and new. An ancient city where new media and new technology startups emerge. Israel’s largest exits (NDS bought by Cisco and Mobileye’s NASDAQ launch) came out of Jerusalem.

The Israel who built a $16 billion brand

Israel’s Adam Neumann founded WeWork which rents shared office space to entrepreneurs, small companies, and even divisions of large corporations. WeWork has some 50,000 members, about 100 international locations, and a private valuation of $16 billion.

Smart tennis system is a smash hit

I reported on the Smart Court tennis training system from Israel’s PlaySight previously when there were 8 systems in the USA. There are now 300 of the camera and kiosk systems all over the world.

A business hub in the desert

Construction has started on the JNF business hub in the development town of Mitzpe Ramon. The Hub provides office space for firms active in digital marketing and new media. The lower costs of setting up in the Negev make the location attractive both to start-ups and employees.

Israel is a digital printing leader

Israeli digital printing companies were star attractions at the drupa international printing trade fair in Germany. Nano printing Landa received $450 million of orders. Highcon demonstrated what can be achieved with its digital finishing technology and sold $40 million. Scodix had $100 million of orders and 100 new customers from 21 countries for its digital enhancement solutions.

Accenture grows in Israel

US consultancy giant Accenture has just bought Israeli cybersecurity company, Maglan, in order to increase its ability to provide clients with cyber defense services using Israeli innovation. It has also set up a new research and development lab in Herzliya, focusing on cyber security projects.

More funds for interactive stories

I featured Israeli startup Interlude’s amazing video technology previously. Interlude is the developer of the Eko interactive storytelling platform and has just received “tens of millions of dollars” of new funding from Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Israel is strategic for Cisco

Cisco’s chairman and Israel’s Prime Minister signed a strategic agreement to make the eastern Negev into Israel’s first fully digitalized region. In other news, Cisco signed a financial tech agreement with Bank Hapoalim and paid $293 million for Israeli cloud security company CloudLock.



What the Romans got up to

Israeli archaeologists have excavated the gate of the Roman city of Hyppos at Sussita National Park in Northern Israel. They believe the gate may have led to the compound of Pan, worshipped by the Romans during the period of the Emperor Hadrian, who reigned from 117 to 138 CE.

Lifeguard finds 900-year-old lamp on beach

Meir Amshik, a lifeguard at the Ashkelon Coast National Park, discovered a 12th century CE oil lamp from the early Crusader period. Meir said, “Finding such a treasure is very exciting. You feel like you’re a part of history.”,7340,L-4821181,00.html

Dogs and the Rio Olympics

What connects guide dogs for the blind to Olympic Games events featuring Israeli athletes? Answer – they are all featured on the latest issue of Israeli stamps.

Israeli fashion

What do Beyoncé and Lady Gaga have in common? Both of them wear Israeli-designed fashion! Israel’s creative fashion scene is making a statement both in Israel and abroad.

Beyoncé is coming to Israel

It’s now official – Beyoncé will be performing in Tel Aviv on October 26 at Tel Aviv’s HaYarkon Park.

Natalie Imbruglia to perform in Israel

90s pop sensation Natalie Imbruglia will be performing this summer on August 31, at the Hichal HaTarbut in Tel Aviv. Natalie’s hits include Torn, Big Mistake, Smoke, and Beauty On The Fire. Her concert in Israel is part of her world tour promoting her latest album.

Concert to benefit Sobar

The next fun event to support the no-alcohol, no smoking music club for Jerusalem youth will take place at Mike’s Place in Tel Aviv on Friday July 8th from 1-4pm. Join the Sobar band, Libi Hart, Eli Marcus, Assaf Ganzman, SheRock and more for a fun 60’s music. Also see Sobar’s crowdfunding site.



Remembering Entebbe

40 years after the most daring rescue in the history of the Jewish State, former hostages and commandos recall the event that grabbed the attention and admiration of the world.

Google of the Bible

Herzog College in the Judean town of Alon Shvut has developed a website to access the Bible. Google of the Bible offers a search engine, biblical-era maps linked to contemporary satellite pictures, thematic cross-references, terminology, idioms, commentary, videos, curriculums and artwork.,7340,L-4817817,00.html

A new Israeli holiday – Aliya Day

The Knesset officially enacted a national day to celebrate Aliyah (immigration). Yom Ha’Aliyah will be celebrated on 7 Cheshvan (October-November), coinciding with the week of the Torah portion in which Abraham is commanded by God to migrate to the Land of Israel.


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