Good News Israel presents, Medical Achievements: beating diabetes, technology to monitoring Parkinson’s and more …

Pancreas Implant Replaces Insulin Injections.

Type-1 diabetes patients can one day avoid taking insulin injections if the bio-artificial pancreas, developed by Israel’s Beta-O2 passes its human trials in Sweden.  The BAir delivers oxygen to replacements for the faulty islet cells that are essential for producing insulin in the patient’s body.

A smartphone for the disabled.

Israel’s Sesame Enable is developing “the Sesame Phone,” which is specifically tailored to assist people who have limited or no use of their hands. The system enables control of the smartphone with a combination of small head movements and voice recognition.

Wristwatch to monitor Parkinson’s.

Intel Israel has developed a Parkinson’s disease monitor that sufferers wear on their wrists.  The device records pulse, slowness of movement, tremors and sleep quality, making up to 300 observations per second.  Doctors previously relied on patients’ verbal reports and brief hospital checkups.

Diabetes finger monitor gets cash boost.

I reported on the non-invasive diabetes finger monitor from Israeli biotech CNoga Medical in Sept 2013.  CNoga has just received a $12.5 million investment from Chinese investment fund GoCapital to help expand development and marketing.

Over 100 DTMS devices in use.

Israel’s Brainsway has now installed 101 Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation devices worldwide – 50% in the USA and has orders for another 36.  Brainsways depression-treatment service using DTMS is covered by the insurance policies of 193 million people in the US.

Mental health advice on New York street.

The Israeli start-up Talkspace has erected large transparent bubbles on New York’s Fifth Avenue to offer free online psychological advice to pedestrians.  Passersby can enter a make-believe living room inside an inflated dome and chat online with a psychologist.


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