A Syrian woman thanks Israeli Minister of Defense Moshe Ya'alon at an IDF field hospital for treatment of wounded from the civil war in Syria. (Ariel Hermoni/Ministry of Defense/FLASH90) (Ariel Hermoni/Ministry of Defense/FLASH90)
IDF field hospital Syria

Israel is the first country to earn the United Nations’ World Health Organization’s highest ranking for its IDF field hospital unit; Israel’s BiolineRX has developed a novel treatment that can restore liver function in patients with liver disease and injury, and much more. 

By: Michael Ordman



IDF field hospitals are the best in the world

Israel is the first country to earn the United Nations’ World Health Organization’s highest ranking for its IDF field hospital unit. It received “Type 3” designation, along with some additional “specialized care” recognitions, which technically made it a “Type 3 plus”.

Regenerating liver function

Israel’s BiolineRX in conjunction with Ben Gurion University, Hadassah Medical Center and Novartis has developed a novel treatment BL-1220 that can restore liver function in patients with liver disease and injury.


Success in trials of tardive dyskinesia treatment

I highlighted (Dec 2015) Teva’s SD-809 (deutetrabenazine) treatment for tardive dyskinesia. The disease causes uncontrollable movements in around 500,000 US patients. The second Phase III trial of the treatment produced statistically significant results.

Diagnoses using molecular biomarkers

Israel’s ImmunArray is developing blood-based tests that support the diagnosis and management of complex acute and chronic immune and neurodegenerative diseases, including brain injury. It has just received a major investment from America’s Quanterix Corporation.

Filling a gap in dental services

Israel’s CephX provides dental and orthodontic practitioners with Cephalometric X-Ray analyses, image archiving and patient record management – all securely maintained on the cloud (rather in the dental surgery).

Pomegranate oil to protect the brain

Israel’s Granalix has launched GranaGard – a food supplement that prevented neurodegeneration diseases in clinical tests. GranaGard, is a submicron (nanodrops) Pomegranate Seed Oil emulsion with 80% Punicic acid – one of the strongest natural antioxidants.

Israeli Telehealth device gets FDA approval

Tytocare’s handheld diagnostic device has been enhanced and Tytocare has received US FDA clearance for its digital stethoscope that performs enhanced remote diagnosis of a patient without the physician being present.

GE’s new CT-scanner is a Revolution

GE’s Haifa engineering team was a major player in developing the Revolution CT (Computed Tomography) scanner. It exposes patients to only 20% of the radiation of previous models and the scan takes less than a second. The first Israeli Revolution has been installed at Sheba Medical Center, near Tel Aviv.


Lifesaving solutions

Israel’s Inovytec develops solutions for out-of-hospital medical emergencies, to increase patient survivability. These include the world’s first and only automated oxygen defibrillator, a safe airway management collar and an ultralight ventilator. It has just received funds from Germany’s Rohn Innovations.


More power to your hearing

I reported previously (May 29) on the rechargeable hearing aid technology from Israel’s Humavox. Now leading hearing technology firm Starkey will integrate Humavox’s wireless charging into Starkey’s advanced hearing devices. Simply put the hearing aid in its box to recharge it.


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