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Airplane missile technology

Israel’s Elbit has developed a system that repels terrorist missiles launched at commercial airliners and Israel’s StoreDot has promised that by May 2016 it will be able to recharge an electric vehicle from zero to 100% in 5 minutes.

By: Michael Ordman



Missile protection for the world’s aircraft

Many readers will have seen the video of the C-MUSIC directed infra-red countermeasures (DIRCM) system from Israel’s Elbit that repels terrorist missiles launched at commercial airliners. Recent international demand for the system is simply phenomenal.

5 minutes to recharge an electric car

Israel’s StoreDot has promised that by May 2016 it will be able to recharge an electric vehicle from zero to 100% in 5 minutes. StoreDot is famous for its 30-second cellphone recharging technology, which the company says will be on the market in mid-2016.

The 2015 World Science Conference in Israel

The WSCI 2015 World Science Conference Israel in Jerusalem not only had 15 Nobel Prize winners under one roof, it also featured Magic, Science, Technology and lots of inspiration.

Israeli medical startup wins global competition

Israel’s DiACardio has won the 2015 Shengjing Global Innovation Award in Beijing China. DiACardio has developed revolutionary software to decode echocardiograms. Another Israeli startup, Wayerz, came fifth. All 5 finalists receive $200,000 prize money.

Net Zero Energy communities

Ben Gurion University of the Negev has received an EU Horizon 2020 grant to develop a “Zero Plus” system that preserves energy in buildings. BGU will then implement four projects across Europe to turn Net Zero Energy (NZE) buildings into NZE communities.

Genes that are natural insecticides

Israel’s Evogene has used its BiomeMiner computational discovery platform to identify microbial genes with insecticidal properties. EvoGene will now validate the genes’ insect control properties against some of the world’s worst agricultural pests.

Israel and US sign space collision prevention pact

Israel’s Defense Ministry and US Strategic Command (USSTATCOM) have signed a new cooperation arrangement to prevent satellites and other objects colliding in space. The Space Situational Awareness (SSA) agreement will ensure safe spaceflight operations.

Preventing evaporation and much more

I featured the Israeli “Top-up” water-saving spheres previously in Sep 2014. The company that makes them has just renamed itself from “Top-It-Up” to “NeoTop” and is launching its 2nd generation of product, preventing algae, and even deterring birds from fish farms and airports.

Agro-tech for the Philippines

Davao City, the 4th largest city in the Philippines, is planning a greenhouse model using Israeli technology to increase food production. A 1,000sqm greenhouse using Israeli technology can produce 25,000 kilos of tomatoes compared to 4,000 kilos on the same size of open land.

Making fashion shopping less frustrating

Israel’s Liat Zakay has developed Donde – an app that uses artificial intelligence to trawl over 6,000 major retailers, classifying fashion images into color, length, neckline etc. Users select an item and filter by anything from hemline and pattern to brands and price ranges.


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