Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt.

The Prime Minister gave Mr. Schmidt a doodle that he drew about Israel. The doodle shows the Israeli Flag, a person sitting in the sun enjoying himself, and quasi crystals discovered by Nobel laureate Dan Shechtman. Netanyahu said “This is Israel: science, sun and Google.”

The Google Chairman praised Israel for the country’s creative contributions to technology. He gave the Prime Minister a digital scan of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Prime Minister recounted how he took his first grade son to read form the Dead Sea Scrolls. His son read from the Book of Isaiah, thousands of years after it was originally written.

Schmidt noted that an Israeli engineer created the database for organizing artefacts is now used by museums worldwide. He described how Israelis have a unique blend of discipline, motivation and creative thinking. Together these form a competitive advantage that is unlike any society in the world. Schmidt said, “The decision to invest in Israel was one of the best that Google has ever made.”

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