As Israelis grieve for the dear ones it has lost in the recent wave of terror attacks, the government is taking the war on terror to the next stage.  

Israel’s government is stepping up its punitive actions against Arab terrorists and their families. Following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s orders on Tuesday night, security forces are taking further measures to deter future terror attacks.

Israel has decided not to return the bodies of the terrorists who carried out the massacre in the Jerusalem synagogue, Israel’s Channel 10 reported.

Israel had previously returned the bodies of terrorists killed by security forces while committing acts of terror. In many cases their funerals have turned into another public show of support for terror and Israel-hatred.

The government has decided to change its policy as a deterrent against terrorism.

The families have reportedly demanded that the bodies be turned over to them, and when they were refused by the state, they threatened to take the issue to court.

A police representative who attended the hearing told Channel 10 that if the state ends up burying the bodies, it will be done outside of Jerusalem and away from their families. The families may also be banned from holding funeral services.

Further Home Demolitions

Israeli security forces demolish the home of a terrorist. (Photo: Kobi Gideon / Flash90)

Israeli security forces demolish the home of a terrorist. (Photo: Kobi Gideon / Flash90)

Israel has issued three more demolition orders for homes of terrorists who have murdered Israelis.

The first is the home of Mohammed Jaabis, who drove a tractor into a bus on August 4, killing an Israeli and wounding five. He was shot dead by police at the scene. The family of Muatez Hijazi, who attempted to murder Rabbi Yehuda Glick, received a notice that their home will be demolished within 48 hours. The family of Ibrahim al-Akari, who rammed his van into pedestrians in Jerusalem, murdering one civilian and wounding 13, received a similar notice.

Arabs began to riot when security forces came to the al-Akari home, throwing rocks and firebombs at the police and shooting firecrackers.

Israel has further vowed to level the homes of the two terrorists who committed the massacre at a Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday.

The Obama Administration has again criticized Israel for punitive actions against these terrorists, but Israel appears to be standing firm in its war on terror. U.S. State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said in a press briefing on Wednesday that these measures “are counterproductive in an already tense situation. This is a practice I would remind that the Israeli government itself discontinued in the past, recognizing its effects.”

Relating to Israel’s demolition of a terrorist’s home on Wednesday, Netanyahu stated: “This morning we demolished the home of a terrorist. This is a significant and important step and there will be more home demolitions; there will be many more steps. We have nothing against the residents of eastern Jerusalem, but we will not tolerate attacks on our citizens and we will act against those who do these things and against those engaged in incitement. With a determined and vigorous hand, we will restore security to Jerusalem.”

How You Can Help Israel and Jerusalem

Israel’s sovereignty in Jerusalem, its capital, has come under increased attack in past weeks. We need to stand together and show the world that Jerusalem is not some bargaining chip in border negotiations or a rally point for terrorists. It is a Holy City meant to provide a beacon of light to all nations under the sovereignty of Israel.

Help us to ensure that Jerusalem stays unified. Click HERE to sign The Jerusalem Declaration.

Author: United with Israel Staff




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