Israeli security forces demolish the home of a terrorist last year. (Kobi Gideon/Flash90) (Kobi Gideon/Flash90)
Home demolish

The IDF has begun to demolish the homes of terrorists, despite U.S. condemnation. Netanyahu called for unity among the people of Israel in the face of adversity. 

IDF engineering forces demolished the home of Abed a-Rahman a-Shaludi early Wednesday morning, an Arab terrorist who rammed his car into a crowd of Israeli pedestrians on October 22, murdering three-month-old baby Chaya Zissel Braun and Karen Mosquera, 22. Five other Israelis were wounded in the vehicular terror attack. Shaludi was shot during the attack and died of his wounds.

“The destruction of the terrorists’ homes is a clear message to all those who wish to harm the citizens of Israel and its security forces that harming innocents entails a heavy price which they will pay if they choose this from of action,” an IDF statement said. “The IDF will continue to act on the orders given by the government, while cooperating with all the other security forces, and will not hesitate to use all legal means at its disposal to harm the terrorists and those who provide support to them, thus deterring further perpetrators.”

The US State Department criticized Israel last Friday for its policy of demolishing the homes of terrorists who have murdered Israeli citizens, claiming that that “we believe that punitive demolitions are counterproductive to the cause of peace and exacerbate an already tense situation.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a security consultation Tuesday evening with Israel’s top security officials and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

Netanyahu ordered the demolition of the homes of the terrorists who perpetrated the car terror attack and the hastening of the same punishment concerning terrorists who had perpetrated earlier attacks. He further ordered stepped-up enforcement against – and stiffer punishments for – those engaged in incitement, as well as the banning of organizations engaged in incitement and increased security on the streets of Jerusalem.

‘We Are at War’

“We are in the midst of a terrorist assault focused on Jerusalem,” Netanyahu declared after the meeting. ”The human animals who perpetrated this slaughter were full of hatred and incitement, deep hatred and terrible incitement against the Jewish People and its state.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu give a gives a statement to the media about recent terror attacks at the Prime Minister's office in Jerusalem on November 18, 2014. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Netanyahu gives a statement to the media about recent terror attacks in Jerusalem on Tuesday. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Netanyahu blamed Hamas and Abbas for the wave of violence: “Hamas, the Islamic Movement and the Palestinian Authority are disseminating countless lies and falsehoods against the State of Israel. They are saying that the Jews are contaminating the Temple Mount. They are saying that we are planning to destroy the holy places, that we intend to change the order of prayer there – this is all lies. These lies have already claimed a very heavy price.”

“But what is outrageous is not only the brutality of the murder, but the shouts of joy in Gaza, in Bethlehem and in other places,” he added. “They are giving out candies, waving axes in the air and praising the shahidim (martyrs).”

Abbas weakly condemned the attack, Netanyahu conceded, “ but it is not enough because in the same sentence in which he condemned today’s slaughter, he linked it to imaginary actions – which have no basis in reality – that Israel is purportedly planning to carry out on the Temple Mount.”

Netanyahu again denounced PA incitement: “Not only do the most reprehensible murderers become the heroes of Palestinian culture, but there is unending, constant incitement against the very existence of the State of Israel, against the security of Israel’s citizens, in schools, the media, mosques, everywhere, and this is the root of the conflict: The refusal to recognize – and educate for – the existence of the state of the Jews.”

‘I Want to See Outrage’

The prime minister expressed bitter disappointment in the lack of international response to the attack: “The world sees this slaughter but, to our regret, does not demand that the Palestinians stop the wild incitement against Israel that is the root of the conflict. I call on all heads of state in the civilized world – I want to see outrage. I want to see condemnation, a deep and uncompromising condemnation of these murders of Israelis, of Jews…when I see a three-month-old baby being murdered, when I see these Jews at prayer in a synagogue… I expect to at least hear the same condemnation, in an uncompromising and unreserved tone. To my regret, there are those who currently insist on giving the Palestinians a prize in the form of unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state that does not recognize the state of the Jews. We will not tolerate this reality; we will fight terrorism and we will defeat it. We will restore law, order and security to the streets of Jerusalem.”

Battle for Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital

Netanyahu called for unity in the face of adversity: “There are those who would like to uproot us from our land and from our capital. They will not achieve their aim. We are in a battle for Jerusalem, our eternal capital. In this battle we must be united; this is the order of the day. We have always known to unite in times of trial. We must put aside all of the little differences and unite around one major issue – defending Jerusalem, defending the security of Israel’s citizens. I think that this is what the citizens of Israel expect of us at this time – to stand together as one, unified and united. What is called for at this time is national unity.”

How You Can Help Israel and Jerusalem

Israel’s sovereignty in Jerusalem, its capital, has come under increased attack in past weeks. We need to stand together and show the world that Jerusalem is not some bargaining chip in border negotiations or a rally point for terrorists. It is a Holy City meant to provide a beacon of light to all nations under the sovereignty of Israel.

Help us to ensure that Jerusalem stays unified. Click HERE to sign The Jerusalem Declaration.

Author: United with Israel Staff

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