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Abbas: ‘We Welcome Every Drop of Blood Spilled in Jerusalem’ – Wall Street Journal

‘How to Stab a Jew’ Going Viral on Palestinian Authority Social Media –

‘Palestinian’ School-Lessons: Muslim Children ‘Shown How To Stab A Jew’ –

Israel is facing the most evil band of marauding murderers armed with knives who are mostly roaming the streets and stabbing children on bikes, women and men in the street waiting for buses. Jewish people on their way to the Kotel (Western Wall) to pray are attacked and stabbed. People going about their daily lives are being singled out for murder. They are being run over by cars driven by the Islamic terrorists and hacked with axes. From afar, it seems we are watching a horror movie – a movie that could be called Attack by the Jew-Stabbing Zombie Children.  Yet, this horror isn’t a movie, it’s the real life of the Jewish people in the year 2015.

Taking Child Abuse to Stratospheric Levels

The Global Islamic Jihad under the guise of the PLO/Palestinian Authority has been teaching their children how to stab and murder Jews. This toxic death cult runs rampant throughout Palestinian culture. The more blood, gore and death –  the better.  And yet, even this level of evil child abuse gets not a mention from Obama, Kerry, the EU or the UN.

Jerusalem terror attack

Jerusalem’s Central bus station after a Palestinian terrorist stabbed an Israeli and attempted to attack others before he was shot and killed by security forces on October 14, 2015. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

The “narrative” of demonizing the Jewish people as they relate to the Land of Israel has been so successful that teaching children to stab and kill Jews has become acceptable behavior. In fact, the Jews are blamed for “occupying” land that belongs to the “Palestians.” This lie has become so commonplace within the zeitgeist of our day that no one even questions it anymore.

In this video, a Palestinian-Jordanian pre-school girl holds a knife, saying: “I Want to Stab a Jew”

WATCH: “Palestinian” Child, “I want to stab a Jew”

It’s interesting that in this video the child says she wants to stab a Jew because Jews stole thire land. Again, this toxic lie is used as the reason why this child should be a Jew-murdering zombie.

With mainstream media now Sharia-compliant and very much sympathetic to the Jew-murdering cause of Palestinian Muslims, the brainwashing of these Muslim children will continue. It has been going on for years in the schools and we are seeing the results now.

PA leader Abbas has been building an army of child murderers. Knowing that, as they stab and kill Jews on the streets, they will be met with lethal force from the Israeli Police and the IDF, thus giving him yet more opportunities to play the pathological victim to the Western media in the murderous scenes he has set up. These children are nothing to him but pawns in an evil game to destroy the Jews physically and on the world stage, while those who should be calling him out for abusing the children in his society are deadly silent.

According to Sky News: “Palestinian Children ‘Shown How To Stab A Jew’”  – October 17, 2015

Israel’s ambassador to the UN claims Palestinian schoolchildren are being “taught to hate” instead of learning maths.

Palestinian children are being taught how to stab a Jewish person as part of their being “brainwashed” with “incitement and hate”, according to Israel.

Danny Danon, Israel’s new ambassador to the United Nations, is urging the Security Council to make a statement against what he described as “the incitement that fuels terror.”

His speech comes amid a profound increase in violence in the Middle East and Palestinian attacks against Israeli civilians, mostly stabbings.

Connecting the Dots: The Palestinian Movement and the Nazis

Prime Minister Netanyahu reminded the world this week of this part of history that has been swept under the rug.

If we study the history of the Palestinian movement and the Nazis, we can see how this murderous incitement has direct ties to the Final Solution during WW2.

The Grande Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al Huessini, was a collaborator with Hitler. The Mufti recruited Arafat and other young people, including Abbas. He taught them guerilla warfare, and they formed the nucleus of Al Fatah. Abbas is the leader of today’s Fatah/PLO/PA.

WATCH: The Nazis and the Palestinian Movement

The question facing us today is this: The Global Islamic Jihad is emboldened and is manifesting itself in Israel and around the world. The Jewish people within Israel, and starting outside of Israel, are being vilified and murdered just as they were in WW2 Germany. Are we as a society going to blindly look the other way, as we did then?

Article by Leslie-Ann Stoffel

Leslie-Ann Stoffel is a prolific Canadian pro-Israel blogger and social media activist. Her website is