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IDF soldier reading


IDF commanders are now obligated to read relevant literature in order to improve success in the battlefield.

By United With Israel Staff

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi launched an unconventional program on Wednesday to help maintain the army’s excellence in battle.

Every commander is now obligated to gain relevant knowledge through books, articles and films selected by the IDF chief in order to build professionalism and responsibility, reported Times of Israel.

According to a military statement, commanding officers will be assigned literature relevant to their jobs. These will include material on history, military history, leadership, psychology, strategy and more, the Times of Israelsaid.

“Underlying this decision is the understanding that a commander in general, and a commander leading soldiers into battle in particular, is a professional who is required to learn relevant knowledge, including about past military incidents, test cases and examples they could use in the moment of truth,” noted the IDF statement.

Each year, the chief of staff will choose the obligatory reading material, the Times continued. This year’s book, selected by Kohavi, is “Transformation Under Fire” by US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor. It is considered “a practical and thought-provoking example of the transformation of the United States military, specifically in light of its successes in the battlefield,” the military said.

Commanders will also be required to watch a a four-episode documentary by Kan public broadcaster called “Lo Tishkot Haaretz” [“The Land Will Not Calm”]. The documentary covers the intelligence failures leading up to the Yom Kippur War in 1973 through Israel’s eventual victory over its Arab enemies.

“IDF commanders must be professionals, read professional literature on various subjects, watch professional films, listen to lectures on relevant topics and devote personal and group time to investigating, studying and practice core issues,” said Kohavi, according to the Times.

“In battlefields that are constantly taking on new forms, in-depth study of professional issues is an imperative, a need and a commandment that stems from conscience and responsibility.”

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