“The most important thing is the spirit of the commanders and the fighters. It is strong and steadfast and they are well prepared,” Netanyahu stated. 

By: United with Israel Staff

IDF soldiers operating on Israel’s border with Lebanon on Tuesday exposed another cross-border attack tunnel built by Hezbollah, the third tunnel exposed in a week.

“Hezbollah terrorists seek to kill innocent Israelis. We will stop them,” the IDF stated after the exposure.

IDF soldiers placed explosives inside the tunnel. “Hezbollah terrorists: enter at your own risk,” the IDF added.

The IDF last week launched Operation Northern Shield to expose and neutralize cross-border attack tunnels that Hezbollah dug from Lebanon into Israel. Just hours into the operation, the troops exposed and neutralized a 600-foot tunnel, which began under a civilian building in southern Lebanon, was dug through solid rock and extended into Israeli territory.

Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and IDF Chief-of-Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eizenkot on Tuesday held a security assessment with GOC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Yoav Strick and other senior commanders at IDF Northern Command headquarters.

Netanyahu received a security briefing on the progress in the operation and on the action of units in the area.

Following the briefings, Netanyahu met with commanders and soldiers in the field and shared a cup of black coffee with them.

‘Hezbollah Will be Dealt Unimaginable Blows’

Netanyahu noted that he was impressed “by the spirit here and there are results. We have just exposed a third tunnel. We are systematically dismantling the tunnels weapon.”

He underscored the IDF’s “readiness – both in spirit and in materiel – for a much stronger response if Hezbollah makes a major mistake and decides to attack us or oppose our action. Hezbollah will be dealt unimaginable blows.”

“The most important thing is the spirit of the commanders and the fighters. It is strong and steadfast and they are well prepared,” he said.

“Hezbollah thought that it could dig unhindered. We knew, we planned carefully. We are carrying out exactly what we planned but we are ready for the unexpected,” he declared. “There is great firepower here. We are ready for it and are prepared for it from all sides.”

“The operation will continue as long as necessary. It is currently proceeding at a very good pace. It is even slightly ahead of schedule. It will continue as long as necessary until we completely deny Hezbollah the tunnels weapon,” Netanyahu said. The operation is expected to last several months.

He invited everyone to “think what could have happened. Think if we were not doing this. Think of some foggy day, Hezbollah would emerge from the tunnels and abduct people. Think of what situation the state of Israel could have found itself in with Hezbollah on killing and abduction sprees inside our territory, something that has not happened since 1948. Imagine what could have happened and understand that this is a great and very important step.”

Netanyahu estimated that “Hezbollah understands that we are well prepared for any attempt on its part to respond and it realizes that we have a great force here opposite it. I tell you now that it does not fully grasp it.”

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